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Slow start

Slow start

Saturday from 24:30 to 25:00
It is special program just before Saturday, December 30 24:30 - broadcast

January 6, 2018 Start broadcast!

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Animation update information

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STEP.02 "undonohaahaa" postrecording script present campaign! (2018/01/15)

▼ Details

We are carrying out STEP.02 "undonohaahaa" postrecording script present campaign in official site!
[official site]

We deliver in official site and disclose information! (2017/12/18)

▼ Details

We disclosed the delivery date and time on each TV animation "low start" delivery platform!
In niconico LiVE and AbemaTV, we carry out live streaming.
[official site]

ban* CM second exhibition! (2017/12/15)

▼ Details

We released the TV animation "low start" ban* CM second!
It becomes broadcast start from Saturday, January 6, 2018! In fun!
[official site]

niconico LiVE "Christmas fashion ☆ to begin in live broadcasting low to be slow, and to begin" broadcast is decided from 22:30 on Tuesday, December 26! (2017/12/09)

▼ Details

From Tuesday, December 26 22:30 "Christmas fashion ☆ beginning in live broadcasting ... low to begin in ... low" is broadcast decision with niconico LiVE!

TV animation "low start" to finally become Start broadcast from Saturday, January 6, 2018!
It is slow and, for broadcast, sends Christmas fashion to begin by Reina Kondo of the part of Ichinose flower name, Ayasa Ito of the part of 100 place tamate, minenai and main cast student casts of the part of ten Yoriko Kuraei of fir tree, Maria Naganawa of the part of Sengoku crown 1st late!

As Christmas present to audiences prepares with the latest information of work, please see in real time!

(C)*kenyuiko, Hobunsha / low start production committee

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From 14:30 to 14:59

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From 12:29 to 15:20

Tokyo market wide Part 2 [de]

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