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Is thing running out of Episode 22 first size naani?

Friday, December 15, 2017 broadcast

Candy was carried off by joker who appeared suddenly, and kyuadekoru which all gathered has been robbed of its every dekorudekoru. It was everybody disappointing, but remembers that Miyuki added only one dekoru to bamboo grass of the Star Festival. And find strip of paper which candy wrote to everybody, and Miyuki take usual spirit; return island...

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I, starlit sky Miyuki.
Eighth grader who would go to school among seven colors of ka hills from today.

Seem to be late from the first day of the transfer; ...! If we are hasty in this,
We have done destined encounter with << candy >> which protruded from picture book!
Candy came over from never-never land "fairy tale land".
To protect the world from bad person conspiring to make the world the bad end,
We seem to be looking for legendary soldier, PRECURE.

But……What is fairy tale land?
Where is the treasure << kyuadekoru >> relieving the world? ?

Bad people attacking there!
That it is "~ doing the world in the bad end"……We cannot permit!
When I picked up sumairupakuto, we have transformed ourselves into PRECURE how?

We match power of five PRECURE and keep smile of all!

Towards bright smile to glisten shiningly, it is Go! Go! Let's Go!!

The staff cast

[The staff]
Plan: Masayuki Nishide (ABC) / Masanori Miyake (ADK) / Shinji Shimizu
Producer: Hiroyuki Matsushita (ABC) / Reiko Sasaki (ADK) / Atsushi Umezawa Minoru / Masaya Hasegawa
Series director: Takashi Otsuka
Series constitution: Shoji Yonemura
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
Production charge: Yasuhiko Nukaga
Art design: Ryutaro Masuda
Color scheme: Yoshiko Sakuma
Character design: Toshie Kawamura

Opening theme: "Let's go! smile PRECURE!"
Words: Sumiyo Mutsumi / composition: Takatori Hideaki / arrangement: kagoshima** / song: Aya Ikeda

[the cast]
Cure happy / starlit sky Miyuki (hoshizoramiyuki): Misato Fukuen
Cure Sunny / Hino Akane: Asami Tano
Cure peace / Kise is good: Hisako Kanemoto
Is cure march / Midorikawa;: Marina Inoue
Cure beauty / Aoki reika: Nishimura is associated
Candy: Ikue Otani

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