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SNS police

SNS police

Sunday from 11:30 to 11:59

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SNS police

Broadcast information

Episode 9

Sunday, June 3, 2018 broadcast

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SNS police in conflict with atrocious criminal who grows powerful today in SNS. "It is good!" without "seeing the contents of contribution Create a series of this; which "touch comment to "read link to news peg not to read later", and publish"…. Have felt person who had done such SNS once; "is; short story animation which a certain", inspector (Ryota Yamazato) and friends are funny, and points out the material.

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original:

Animation director / character design, total drawing director / editing / script
Star child whirlwind leg

Atrocious producer
Akihisa Yachida

[the cast]
Inspector: Ryota Yamazato (Nankai Candies)
Older sister: Sakiko Matsui
Superintendent general: Takayuki Kinoshita (TKO)
Large sum of money rice cake child: Sayuri Matsumura (Nogizaka46)
Average two: yuutarou
F cup: Mami Kamura

Have large Friday too much; large: Love that is spring
Phosphorus: Mariko Shinoda
kabumi: Nana Suzuki
Venture employee A: pee
Hayato: Tsubasa Nanami
The buttocks beauty: Iori Noguchi (=LOVE (equal sign love))
Rial: Sana Morohashi (=LOVE (equal sign love))
Taguchi zuke man: Manager Kanzaki (. rabittsu)
Child A of woman: Old; cannot be concerned
Christine: Vienna

Bridge orchid: niko
Yukio: Yoshiaki
risa: Michi
Curtain slope: You see, and give birth (COJIRASE THE TRIP)
University student man: True sputum (COJIRASE THE TRIP)
University immature woman: Mariss (COJIRASE THE TRIP)
saayan: Yumiko Tanahashi
Yabase kina child: Ozawa shiein
W: Tatsuko Nakaoka
Taguchi father: Uetake piromu
Gorgonzola: MIZYU (leaders of new school)
Taguchi mother: SUZUKA (leaders of new school)
Puppy: KANON (leaders of new school)
Gorilla: RIN (leaders of new school)
It is Kyosuke Suga prisoner number 3512
Kosuke Inoue: Yuki Kawai
ikehaya: Ikeda Hayato

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From 26:10 to 26:39

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