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At night of lust to associate with priest…

At night of lust to associate with priest…

Sunday from 25:00 to 25:05

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At night of lust to associate with priest…

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#Love love diary of 13 Fukaya and Article 9

Sunday, June 25, 2017 broadcast

Indeed that grant first love and is allied with priest; - -. All began from night of that class reunion. From night when we knew that Kujo was priest and was wild beast…. In addition to summary version, we introduce future development of the original! There is the next cool latest no latest information that "was beast in skirt."!

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First love partner who met again by class reunion was "wild beast" in "priests"? Kujo of first love partner who became priest following temple of - - parents' house. Be pressed to be saying "even I am man before priest" when careless about him who is gentleman same as old days…. Cohabitation life in temple which was made to pretend to be fiance, and began at the next day when we shared single night in go in. Though it is priest, it is approached by him who is wild beast, and DOKIDOKI does not stop for 24 hours…!

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