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Saturday, March 18, 2017 broadcast

We adhere to Chinese animation studio, the production spot of emon! We released a part of the animation of interview and emon production of the staff particularly!
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"*uyamaika" (yokeika) which is joyoshi meets with traffic accident and loses our life.
*uyamaika which became departed soul makes a contract with "edge Thursday Hiro" (tammokuki) of yo*shi which met accidentally, and it is the shadow soul of edge Thursday Hiro.
As for unlucky departed soul "*uyamaika" and the combination of good-looking rich "edge Thursday Hiro", it is the best close friend while getting over much difficulty such as fighting against ogre and ghost.

The staff cast

[the production staff]
The original: Broad-shouldered liquor bottle (Tencent animation serialization)
Director: sumomogo*
Producer: toun*
Script: Reiko Torii (Y two sea work)
Sound director: Koichi Iizuka
Recording studio: HALF H, P STUDIO
Sound producer: Michiyoshi Minamizawa Kenji Beppu
Sound production charge: Rice dealer Rintaro
Animation production: Emon

[the main pivot cast]
*uyamaika (yokeika): Yuichi Iguchi
Edge Thursday Hiro (tammokuki): Shunsuke Takeuchi 
shinshiyo (shinshiyo): Rumi Okubo

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