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<HAOLINERS> Pledge - of SPIRITPACT- Erebus

<HAOLINERS> Pledge - of SPIRITPACT- Erebus

Saturday from 21:00 to 21:30

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<HAOLINERS> Pledge - of SPIRITPACT- Erebus

Broadcast information

Bond to keep Episode 12 me

Saturday, May 12, 2018 broadcast

tammokuki which blockaded spiritual power, and was stopped by Inui Monday mirror of shinryumukashijin was not able to help *uyamaika which caught attack from tora*.

Edge Thursday temple cloud appears in tammokuki in front of such *uyamaika and it is just before and defends all single blow of tora*. Become the opposite effect though shinryumukashijin provokes *uyamaika which is going to protect tammokuki desperately, *uyamaika tammokuki and genuine pakutokonekuto...

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With spiritual power of zetsukyo, we say Rabbi who keeps balance of sky pulse ground style while reducing own life with yo*shi (we let you fill up and be). Edge Thursday Hiro (tammoku comes) acting as yo*shi assumes that we sink ten thousand souls of the world duty. However, we carried fate that was always aimed at whether it was human beings who devised position and power on our back without staying only in demon who continued aiming at life and spiritual power of yo*shi. Their attack does not stop in moment either, and edge Thursday Hiro is always circumstance that must continue fighting.

In such situation, existence - - it that edge Thursday Hiro was able to face each other as oneself alone was protection soul - - "shadow soul" (we obtain and put and are) to share fate with edge Thursday Hiro that was *uyamaika (yo, keika), yo*shi.

Are relations of two people only called simple "yo*shi" and "shadow soul?" What kind of fate did two people meet by?
The past of edge Thursday Hiro who was not able to talk by the first animation. And new story achieves curtain. On earth who is person called "the chapter eaves" (we carry) which were idle in his memory?…….

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Ping zi "reikei"
   Tencent movement abusive (abusive Tencent movement) serialization
Director: Li hao ling
Script: Qi ling zi
Plan: Zou zheng yu
Producer: Li hao ling
Total executive producer: Li xiao ting
Executive producer: Chen mo de zhang yu/ASKASK
Planning manager: ASKASK
Comics editor: Gu xiang
Advertising: Shan rou gai fan/Xiao huo/Mo xiao mei/Xiao di
Business: Gao peng tao
Character design: Quan en jing
Total drawing director: Quan en jing
Production management: Kang jun/Min-Joon
Production administrative assistant: Shen hai yan
Color scheme: Jin jin zhu
Total direction: Liang zhen zhe
Art director: Jin rong zai
Director of photography: Shintaro Nakamura
Sound director: Wu ting/Teng xing
Editing: Li hao ling
Animation production: Emon

[the cast]
*uyamaika (yo, keika): Yuichi Iguchi
Edge Thursday Hiro (tammoku comes): Shunsuke Takeuchi
The Shenlong chapter eaves (shinryu carries): Takuya Sato 
shinshiyo (let's have shin): Rumi Okubo
Edge Thursday temple art (tammoku, jiun): Hitomi Nabatame
Edge Thursday temple light (tammoku, jimei): Takahiro Miyake
tora* (in, tetsu): Noriaki Sugiyama
Flower feather (buy): We see the sky and go

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