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Teaspoon lady selection

Teaspoon lady selection

Sunday from 7:00 to 7:15

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Teaspoon lady selection

Broadcast information

Athletic meet of Episode 121 solitude

Sunday, July 8, 2018 broadcast

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When Teaspoon lady changes with an ordinary woman in particular, it is not a thing.
We hate to keep still. We take insect in kaleyard if we think whether you rummage in pan in kitchen and move in condition briskly anytime when we pick up raspberry in forest if we think whether you are in field.
Being sudden, and body becoming small to spoon rank in some kind of time in the place different from normal. And it is to come back to origin of fuitto. Various things happen each time. We may be in trouble or may be saved. It may be fun if we have a dangerous experience.
But we do not mind at all even if big even if woman is small. We spread wit and humor without being upset if not surprised.
Strangely, as woman can talk with animals freely while it is small, we get to know the mouse family of basement and use cat and dog as a substitute for vehicle and fully taste that normal, it is not possible.
In neighborhood, there is naughtiness child group, and disturbance does not die out, but only girl like fairy living in forest knows secret of woman, and two are congenial friends. Husband of slightly stubborn painter is perplexed at woman who cannot sometimes see figure.
Such, is like this, and become small, and woman sends pleasant daily life in spite of being great kikunattario repetition.

The staff cast

[the main staff]
The original: Alf Proysen
Director: Keiji Hayakawa
Literary arts: Yusaku Sakamoto
Character design: Koji Nanke
Art director: Mitsuki Nakamura
Director of photography: Akio Wakana
Recording director: Shigeharu Shiba
Musical director: Akanotachio

The main cast
Teaspoon lady (spoon biJeroen): Reiko Senou
Husband (pot biJeroen): Joji Yanami
ruurii / den (child mouse): Sumi Shimamoto
Booby / Carl Bacon (woodcutter) / King Joe (wolf): Daisuke Gori
goronya (cat) / apuapu (bee): Shigeru Chiba
BiYong Hull Ken husband: Tessho Genda
Jan (mail carrier) / puryoisen teacher (doctor): Kazuhiko Inoue
Tip / Don (child mouse): TARAKO

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