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Episode 16 pin pawn! It is besutofurendonya in exchange Stay (I Missed You)♪

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 broadcast

Sound and * which completely made friends recently. The Sirens change themselves into * to sever relation between such two people and reject only quarrel in sound. When sound that successfully fell into strategy of the Sirens does argument at school with *, teacher in charge says that sound and * were chosen as best friend grand prix of school. Sound and * which answer with smile that it is clapped the hands for all of class, and was drawn. All the students...

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Town filled with music, summation tone town.
Childhood friend that Hojo sound and nanya* which grew up in this town were the always same since they were small.
However, if meet each other for some reason after having become junior high student; only as for the quarrel….
To such two people, fairy << hamii >> who came over emerged from Music Land "Mauger Landes"!
So that hamii changes << melody of happiness >> written to legendary score into << melody of misfortune >>
We ask to want two people to transform themselves into PRECURE to protect the world from King << mefisuto >> of evil to plot.
It is sound and * where opinion does not match at all, but heart of two Masayoshi always transforms themselves into PRECURE when it was in one!

The staff cast

[The staff]
Plan: The Masayuki Nishide (ABC) / Masanori Miyake (ADK) / Hiroshi Seki beauty
Producer: Hiroyuki Matsushita (ABC) / Reiko Sasaki (ADK) / Jun Umezawa Minoru
Series director: Boundary Munehisa
Series constitution: Toshiya Ono
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi
Production charge: Yasuhiko Nukaga
Art design: Ryutaro Masuda
Color scheme: Yoshiko Sakuma
Character design: Akira Takahashi

[the cast]
Hojo sound (cure melody) : Ami Koshimizu
nanya* (cure rhythm): Fumiko Origasa
Kurokawa Ellen (cure beat): Toyokuchi Megumi
chohen Ako (cure Muses): Rumi Okubo
hamii: Kotono Mitsuishi