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It was beast in skirt.

It was beast in skirt.

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It was beast in skirt.

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We like Episode 12…We really like…

Sunday, September 17, 2017 broadcast

Cool air which lets Japan's ancient ballad song in a gentle tone cry, and regrets own self-centeredness. To cool air which is going to leave, Japan's ancient ballad song in a gentle tone gives courage, and convey thought――…

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It is older sister of beautiful woman to have met…Then, there is not?
Japan's ancient ballad song in a gentle tone not to be able to adjust to atmosphere although we participated in Machicon.
It was cool air of older female college student to have called out.
Though we get away in two people and are congenial spirits, it is kissed suddenly in room of cool air and be pushed down――
"Lesbian as for Ryo" though to thought, for body of girl sense of incongruity…
It is lie…Indeed it is this person, woman's disguise?

The staff cast

The original: Hana Maruo
Director: noshitotanijuko
Character design, sosakukan: nanashi
Series constitution, scenario: Kazuhiro Toda
Art director: Kenichi Kurata
Sound director: hirasawahisayoshi
Director of photography: Yuki Kakuhara
Color scheme: Minazuki life
Production desk: Daiki Onizawa
Animation production: Magic bus
Sound: Cloud22

Shizuka Kominami: Flower shadow firefly
Kirishima cool air: Azalea bookmark
Sosuke Kuratani: Friday part shadow person
Sumire Sakurai: Original dance incense

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