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Will you save whether you are busy what the end does?

Will you save whether you are busy what the end does?

Wednesday from 25:05 to 25:35

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Will you save whether you are busy what the end does?

Broadcast information

Girl who is the happiest in the Episode 12 world

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 broadcast

A large group of timere to attack. Neff Ren fighting back, Rahn torque, nofuto. However, we are gradually driven into the number of overwhelming timere. viremu confronts timere with the damaged body, too!

"Still surely your existence should have been the help for kutori"

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"I am lending hand at the end of them now"

Story that is vain and is sad with girls called fairy weapon and associate brave man who survived.

 The world after we were infringed to stand, and many families including human being were destroyed that is unidentified monster over the ground <beast>. Family which barely survived left ground and lived on the flying group of islands called floating continent group (reguru ere).
 viremu kumeshu awakened to on the sky 500 years later lived a life like hermit out of despair that, on the contrary, only oneself one has survived without being able to protect thing which we wanted to protect, but, in work of weapon management that has begun to be unexpected, meets a certain girl.

The staff cast

The original, series constitution, script: koyaei
Character original bill: ue
Director: Junnichi Wada
Character design, total drawing director: Toru Imanishi
World concept design: Brunet studio varnish RAS
Concept design: hotchi, Shinya Asanuma, Toshinari Tanaka (barn storm design laboratory)
Design work: Hiroyuki Okawa
Prop design: Junichi Fukunaga
Art setting: Mio Isshiki (Studio Wyeth), Masahiro Sato (head work), Chiaki Tsukamoto (head work), Shinya Asanuma
Color scheme: Masato Takagi
Art director: Mio Isshiki (Studio Wyeth)
Background: Studio Wyeth
3DCG director /3DCG: mukijunhei
Director of photography: Jun Kubota
Shooting: Satellite digital part
Editing: teimatsugo
Sound director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Music producer: Shigeru Saito
Animation producer: Fumio Kaneko, Ryosuke Yamada
Unification producer: Atsushi Ito
Sound production: Daks production
Music production: Lantis
Production: Satellite /C2C
Production: The 68th island, fairy warehouse
Opening theme: "DEAREST DROP"
          Words / composition: Q-MHz arrangement: Takeshi Masuda Ka Shi: Tadokoro Azusa
Ending theme: "From"
          Words, Miho Karasawa composition / arrangement: Song of Kengo Minamida: TRUE

viremu kumeshu: Ryohei Arai
kutori nota seniorisu: Tadokoro Azusa
Eye Thayer maize Val garri: Machico
Neff Ren ruku insania: Uehara light
Rahn torque itsuri hiss thoria: Kazusa Aranami
nofuto Kay desuperatio: Inori Minase
tiatto: Tomomi Mizuma
panibaru: Yurika Kubo
rakishu: Mai Ishimi greens incense
Colon: Hina Kino
arumita: Akane Koshinata
naigurato: Kikuko Inoue
Glick gray crack: Shigeru Chiba
Lime skin: Jurota Kosugi
Al Maria dufuna: Satomi Sato
Fila Siberian blue robin beer dorio: Inoue hono flower
riria ass play: Rina Sato
Suwon perception Dell: Wheat person

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