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War princess excellent poem SYMPHOGEAR AXZ

War princess excellent poem SYMPHOGEAR AXZ

Saturday from 25:00 to 25:30

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War princess excellent poem SYMPHOGEAR AXZ

Broadcast information

Reality that is proved whenever we stack EPISODE 13 tears

Saturday, September 30, 2017 broadcast

Even if life burns out and falls down, there is song without being over.

The future to be eclipsed by wailing that gold performed training of lights up.

kei geyo, gekisho and melody. - - last unsheathed sword (last ignition) after front gun.

Short-lived fantasy (ephemeral thing) that tranquility like mud floats to stagnate.

Is thrust before long, is zan forever...

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World dissection plan by alchemist Carol who made full use of "chifoju chateau" which was world death tractor――
It is several weeks later from check of popular name "magic girl incident".

We tormented SYMPHOGEAR sosha, and menace of "aruka noise" that we cornered in defeat more than once spread over all parts of the world.

sosha which we suppress while doubting some association for the next case to occur without putting at time.

What we met with at tropical night usually called monster "yonarudepazutori" in outside of the pale of physical law and monster with "power of God" and was three alchemist "Saint-Germain" to employ freely "pre-Lahti" "kalio fatty tuna".

Not only broederbond "pavaria light association" where alchemists belong to was concerned with disturbance that SYMPHOGEAR sosha got over so far, but also they are terrible hostility power that acted secretly in the backside of history of human.

SYMPHOGEAR sosha which cannot cover shiver for manifestation and unprecedented menace to make a fierce attack on after all.
Saint remains which we were robbed of in secret were that "gear of antikitira" projected huge plot in horoscope of Innocent Eyes.

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Noriyasu Uematsu / Akihito Kaneko
Director: Katsumi Ono
Series constitution :Akihito Kaneko
Music producer: Noriyasu Uematsu
Music: Elements Garden
Character original bill: Yoshii Dan
Manager character design / total drawing: Fujimoto realizes
Action director / noise design: kodenshi*
Action director: Koki Shikichi / Toshiharu Sugie
Main animator: Yoshiyuki Okubo / Shunta Sakamoto / hanyu
Mechanic design: Hiroyuki Okawa
Assistant character design: Miki Kikkawa
Future visual: ngo long / Kitazawa Naomi / roikku rokyateri
Art director: Hiroki Matsumoto
Color scheme: Aiko Shinohara
CG chief designer: Kosuke Morino
Director of photography: Go Shimura
2D work: Jiro Kageyama
Special effects: Ayaka Iida
Editing: teimatsugo
Sound director: Satoshi Motoyama
Animation production: Satellite
Production: Project SYMPHOGEAR AXZ

[the cast]
Hibiki Tachibana: Aoi Yuuki
fumeiyoku: Nana Mizuki
Snow sound Chris: Ayahi Takagaki
Maria kadentsuavuna Eve: Yoko Hikasa
Goddess of the moon-like: Yoshino Nanjo
Song out of dawn: Ai Kayano
The Kohinata future: Yuka Iguchi
Elf Nine: Misaki Kuno
Wind exorcism using a bow Juro: Hidero Ishikawa
shokawa*ji: Soichiro Hoshi
fujigyosaku*: Kenji Akabane
Yuri Aoi: Asami Seto
Saint-Germain: Minako Kotobuki
Kalio fatty tuna: Shota Aoi
Pre-Lahti: Rina Hidaka

Opening theme: "TESTAMENT"
Nana Mizuki (King record)

Ending theme: "Futurism"
Ayahi Takagaki (music rain)
www.takagakiayahi .com

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