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War princess excellent poem SYMPHOGEAR GX

War princess excellent poem SYMPHOGEAR GX

Sunday from 11:00 to 12:00

August 13, 2017 Start broadcast!

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War princess excellent poem SYMPHOGEAR GX

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"Evening comes of sosha" & EPISODE3 in EPISODE2 "- front of it getting the world out of order"

Sunday, August 20, 2017 broadcast

In EPISODE2 "- front of it getting the world out of order"

We exchange memory of Kohaku with intensity and stray child from distance barks and fights.
We cannot hand over thing entrusted with simply because it is heavy - -…Thought.
There is not in answer to chest to go, and to fight against and we are about to ask and pass each other idly.

Project place to go, bond, and it makes the body; and another oneself.
Simply because is important; kai reya...

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Girl called - - fusion case gets miracle just before one of the world end and achieves SYMPHOGEAR and conformity of ganguniru once.

The human selection that was going to be carried out under the name of the earth primates continuation――
We came to an end by achievement of girls who let blood go to song as for a series of turmoil named "frontier incident", but then we did new story soon and opened curtain.

Fall object of super sonic speed to create arc, and to tear up sub-space. We finished atmosphere outside activity in Lagrangian point, and it was space shuttle of United Nations position that was going to return to the earth.

Each country leader who just accepts breath in malfunction and emergency that we fall into and in this situation do not avoid in crash of disintegration in midair of body or surface of the earth he from system trouble.
We were forced by wait without passing to thing, twice to date back, and having activity in foreign territory realized even if SYMPHOGEAR sosha which saved the world than unprecedented crisis were the above, humanitarian relief support considered to be armaments of Japanese Government possession by the power.

Then more than 100 days that pass.

When there was not observation of authorized specific disaster "noise" for one, and, after frontier incident, nobody who knew the whole story of thing had a foreboding by end of the extermination and damage of noise.
fuji*saku* and Tomori Aoi which faced monitor in the headquarters confirm reaction wave pattern which but was similar which is different from noise.
Place is the neighborhood of Yokohama Port University bridge Wharf.
With small box, figure of prompter - - <waste 11 (Elf Nine)> which ran to escape was seen there.

There is song disturbing the world.

There was not yet person who noticed the menace to come before long and, in summer night sky, only red mine dust danced and danced now.

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