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Tachibana building To Lie anguru

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With Tachibana building that at this Episode 12 place

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 broadcast

shimuhanabitoiorino two comfortable by summer festival. Such a preference in search of two. Is preference confided chest nikakaeruhanabiheno feeling to? Is; the real intention of cage? The hanabio center and love triangle (?) that we did This enters the final stage on the stage of summer festival.

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Main character of comics that Lucky was perverted, and were harem was girl?

Town of the country that came home to high school entrance into a school of higher grade after an interval of six years.
It is attended school elegantly by stylish designer apartment-like dormitory "Tachibana hall"…
ka* hanabi which became hame which entered rag apartment "Tachibana building" by slip-up if we thought of this.
We meet with mystery naked beautiful girl with Tachibana building from the first day of the entering and
We witness shameful place of older older sister carelessly and
We stare at shameful place of rushing childhood friend for some reason and.
…Hey, because "lucky ♪" never thinks!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: merryhachi
Serialization: Comics lily princess (Ichijinsya)
General manager: hirasawahisayoshi
Chief direction: tsushimayurika
Character design: Hanai citron Satoko
Art director: mame
Director of photography: Koji Hayashi
Sound director: hirasawahisayoshi
Sound production: Cloud22
Series constitution, script: WORDS in STEREO
Animation production: Creators in Pack/ studio RINGS Co.,Ltd.

[the cast]
ka* hanabi: Tsuda Minami
Fujiwara preference: Sakuragi amisa
There is takamura and goes down: Nakata Arisa
Yoriko Fujiwara: Rei Matsuzai
Monday castle A: Mikako Komatsu
Mitsui sonoa: Eri Kitamura

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