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3P of angel! (three-piece)

3P of angel! (three-piece)

Monday from 24:30 to 25:00

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3P of angel! (three-piece)

Broadcast information

We cannot help coming to like Episode 12 music

Monday, September 25, 2017 broadcast

Kimi, the sky which helps with moisture and that of sound challenging the cause of advice, the first composition. It boils down by work of words, but does not give up moisture when we decided that we do by oneself. On the other hand, sound performs help of walnut aside from circumstances. Moisture and Kimi and the sky, cherry blossom and justice, walnut and Koume and citron leaf and sound. Carrying various thought of everybody, it is finally lah...

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Song is soft, and high school student who is slightly staying indoors from past trauma, Nukui sound produce music secretly,
It was hobby to post in video site.
What we e-mailed when meeting wanted to talk to such him
Girls of fifth grader.
Having been asked by three people brought up like sisters together from childhood,
For thanks to person who was taken care of,
... which was to let live succeed at place of memory that they spent.

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Cangshan Sagoo (dengekibunko)
Character original bill: tinkuru
Director: yanagishin*
Archdeacon: Is; cotton number
Character design: Takayuki Noguchi
Prop design: Keiko Kitayama / Akane Yano / Yoshiko Okuda
Musical instrument design: Satoshi Ofuji Ichiro
Series constitution: Go Zappa
Art director: Hiroko Tanabe
Art setting: narideniho / Takashi Watanabe
Color setting: Yoko Suzuki
CG line director: Makoto Endo
Director of photography: Tetsu Kawada arrow
Editing: Akinori Mishima
Sound director: *tani*kai
Music: Akira Matsuda person
Music production: Lantis
Music producer: Yohei Kisara
Produce: Tetsuro Satomi
Production producer: Kojiya Tomoji
Animation produce: Barnum studio
Animation production: project No. 9
Production: Little wing

[the cast]
Jun Goto: Ono citron wadded cotton clothes
Colored leaves valley Kimi: Yurika Endo
Kinjo sora: Koga Aoi
Nukui sound: Yuki Inoue
Nukui walnut: Rina Hidaka
Toriumi cherry blossom: Kanae ito
Masayoshi Sado: Toru Okawa
Tail castle Koume: Kana Hanazawa
Aspect ka koyuzuyo: Yuka Iguchi

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