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Broadcast information

Episode 24 Beijing

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 broadcast

Buddhist priests of chosoran and master of sky prefecture doing nothing but sorrow day in and day out by death of den*chu.
One night passed, and news that master of sky prefecture caught surprise attack of all nature was widely known to the different human world in an instant.
On the other hand, in o* which had been expelled by butoha, one went to Beijing that was hometown at that time. Doubtful shadow which follows such o*.
And of butoha all-out...

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chosoran which became the winner in Luo sky size 醮 which competed for top of the different human world obtained right that it was to Master sky in the next term.
However, chosoran having a feeling of resistance in undergoing "the master of sky method" to become master of sky will make Master old sky angry. On the other hand, the organization "all nature" of stranger for eight secret arts attacks choreigyoku and develop into big fight. chosoran will face each battlefield to quiet this fight.

The staff cast

[the cast]
chosoran (we memorize butterfly): Atsushi Tamaru
*takaratakara (fuuhoho): Saori Hayami
cho*gyoku (choreigyoku): Kosuke Toriumi
o* (we chase): Kazuyuki Okitsu
Morokuzu blue (shokatsusei): Daisuke Hirakawa
josan (josan): Kenji Nojima
joshi (joyon): Shinnosuke Tachibana
*sei* (jaseiryan): Kenji Akabane
fuhoshi* (fuushinton): Kengo Kasai
Wind sand swallow (fuusaen): Yumi Hara
Morokuzu white (shokatsuhaku): Yukiko Morishita
kaka (summer): Yoko Hikasa

[The staff]
The original: U.S. two (motion abusive temple) "HITORINOSHITA" (abusive Tencent movement "Tencent movement is abusive", and publish serially)
Total plan: ZOU ZHENGYU
Total eguzekutipurodewsa: LI XIAOTING
eguzekutipurodewsa: SHANROUGAIFAN
Total planning manager: XIAOXIAN
              WANG ZHENG
Planning manager: ASKASK
Comics editing: GUXIANG
Director: CHEN YE 
Character design: LI SHIMIN
Sound director: WU TING
Director of photography: ZHENG SHULI
Editing: CHEN YE
Sound production: Woo Sound Studio
Japanese edition sound production: HALF H, P STUDIO
Animation production: Emon

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