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Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tuesday from 23:00 to 23:30

October 9, 2018 Start broadcast!

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Tokyo Ghoul: re

Broadcast information

Episode 15 Cross Game union

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 broadcast

Half Ghoul, yasukyukokuna (yasuhisakurona) and encounter to have grudge in group leader, reiokujuzo (elephants in Suzu shop) where Ghoul investigator, Awara not becoming aware at all (abarahambee) loves and respects while desperate struggle with [CCG] and "Ghoul" continues in each place of ryushima. We were completely cornered in Cronar having high fighting power and the tough body. What appeared there…?
One, hojikoukai (ho...

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Under cover of crowd, we eat meat of Homo sapiens.
While doing form of Homo sapiens,
Existence that is different from Homo sapiens…"Ghoul" (ghoul).

Ghoul investigator "*々moku*yo" which led "kuinkusu" group in [CCG] which performed the expulsion, study of "Ghoul"
He was Ghoul of eye bandage which became missing, "the laboratory of Kaneki".
On the other hand, in [CCG] which became new system, threatening movement comes to the front mainly on old multi-two fortune…

Story around "the laboratory of Kaneki" at last to the most last chapter - - -.

The staff cast

The original: Ishida Sui (Shueisha "Weekly Young Jump" serialization)
Director: tobuonkan
Script, series constitution: Chuji Mikasano
Character design: Atsuko Nakajima
Assistant character design: Crow Hiroaki
Sound director :Noboru Haraguchi
Music :Yutaka Yamada
Animation production: studio Pierrot
Animation production cooperation: studio piero +

The laboratory of *々moku*yo / Kaneki: Natsuki Hanae
urikokyusei: Kaito Ishikawa
rokutsuki*: Natsumi Fujiwara
Yonebayashi genius: Aaya Sakura
Toka Kirishima: Sora Amamiya
Shu Tsukiyama: Mamoru Miyano
Old multi-two fortune: Daisuke Kishio

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