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Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tokyo Ghoul: re

Tuesday from 23:00 to 23:30

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Broadcast information

Episode 12 daybreak Beautiful Dream

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 broadcast

Illiteracy to stay while friend is defeated against roe deer in sequence, and to fight. uriko which sees the figure, and stands up desperately. All attack of two catches roe deer.
On the other hand, we rush to predicament of Tsukiyama and it was Kanae setting attack of surging wave, but suffers dying serious wound in counterattack of *yo which has begun to regain memory of "Kaneki". Half Ghoul, Etoo called "owl (owl of cough cancer) of judgement" appear there and spread malice. It is last Kanae exerting all the strength……. And *yo completely awakes as "Kaneki" at last; - -.

(C)Ishida Sui / Shueisha, Tokyo Ghoul: re production Committee

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