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Monday is beautiful

Monday is beautiful

Thursday from 24:00 to 24:30

April 6, 2017 Start broadcast!

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Monday is beautiful

Broadcast information

Episode 5 heart

Thursday, May 4, 2017 broadcast

Though we knew nobody, Azumino has begun to go out with me.
Though there is not, as for the reason in particular, relation between two people is still a secret.
But is it one of what Yes when "we go together?"
While feeling becomes lively in the first thing; seductive Kotaro and madder….

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Madder and Kotaro. Two people whom it became the same class with average 3 for the first time and met.
Classmate, club activities companion, teacher, parent…Relation with the neighborhood, one's growth.
In seasons to run through busily while we are run after in change and uneasiness,
Pubertal love to be fresh and young, and to be dazzling.

The staff cast

■The staff
Director: Seiji Kishi
 "Arpeggio - Arusu NOVA - of blue steel" series, "ketsujotomo* is brave man" "Assassination Classroom," it is "danganrompa" series, "Persona4 the animation" series others
Constitution, script: Yuko Kakihara
 "Digimon Adventure tri." series, "the eye cutlet Stars!" , "orange" others
Character original bill: loundraw
 We are in charge of others which "want to eat your pancreas" (work, house field / Futaba Corporation to stop at), cover illustration of a large number of books.
 At the end of 2016, the first collection of pictures publishes "Hello, light. - loundraw art works ...".
Animation production: feel.
 "After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong. Sequel to, "there is a problem in this fine art club!" "Ordinary high school girl saw [rokodoru] shop.", Is ,", however others
Music production: FlyingDog
 It is others in "Macross" series, "arpeggio - Arusu NOVA - of blue steel" series, "fleet korekushon - warship this -" series, "corner of this world"

■The cast
Azumino Kotaro: Shoya Chiba
Akane Mizuno: Yoshimi Ohara
Takumi Hira: Atsushi Tamaru
Chinatsu Nishio: Rie Murakawa

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