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Dull hours children

Dull hours children

Tuesday from 23:15 to 23:30

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Dull hours children

Broadcast information

Episode 12 summer begins (shu)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 broadcast

On summer one day, ball game meet began this year. Girl supporting curious partner and boy who is enthusiastic to show place where parenthesis is good for. This summer pushes back of boys and girls…

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To you not to be able to tell "to like you"―

This product,
Extremely ordinary high school students whom there seems to be anywhere,
We burn with love and shake and are troubled and,
We laugh and cry and are hurt and,
While doing well, and not going,
It is youth human drama about state spending days of irreplaceable youth.
Main character is all the characters.
Surely you should be able to get on feeling of somebody, too.

"Dull hours children"
The summer of 2017, TV animation, start!
Well, let's do DOKIDOKI, kyunkyun together!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Toshiya Wakabayashi Kodansha "weekly publication Shonen Magazine" serialization
Director: We open Kaneko
Assistant director: hitsusakameiki
Series constitution, script: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Character design, total drawing director: Etsuko Sumimoto
Art: Masaru Sato
Color scheme: Eri Suzuki
Shooting: Shinnya Kato
Editing: Akari Saito
Sound director: Yayoi Tateishi
Music: The sky gate
Animation production: Studio five sets
Production: NAS
Production: Dull hours children production Committee

[the cast]
Takuro Sugawara: Kaito Ishikawa
Chizuru Takano: Inori Minase
Takeshi Goda: Chiaki Maeno
Ayaka Uene: Yui Ogura
Masafumi Akagi: Kensho Ono
Ryoko Kaji: Aaya Sakura

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