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Dried fish younger sister! umaruchan R

Dried fish younger sister! umaruchan R

Sunday from 24:00 to 24:30

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Dried fish younger sister! umaruchan R

Broadcast information

When Episode 11 is buried; starlit sky

Sunday, December 17, 2017 broadcast

This time is ...

We can cut, and bar quarrels boom properly and,
We do our best towards dream of the kiriechanga future and,
We carry out strategy to support love of kiriechanga Ebina and,
Old event of Hikari and older brother is talked about and,


We see more


fukkatsu which is buried!
Space (party) which spreads out to fill the room again…!

"Beautiful younger sister" (bimouto) who is beautiful and intelligent whom anyone envies outside,
To "dried fish younger sister" (we hit string) absorbed in lazybones whom nobody knows if we go home…?

Dried fish younger sister who was full of lazyboneses is buried,
It is comics and game, animation, netsurf to one hand in cola and poteito…,
We charge through older brother, taihei to live in together as greed takes a turn for looking askance at!

We get Ebina of classmate, and bond with sill fin deepens, too,
Daily life hamasumasunigiyakani of being buried! !

The strongest, best best daily life (paradise) of being buried begins again!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Sankaku head (Shueisha "Weekly Young Jump" serialization)
Director: Masahiko Ota
Archdeacon: Takaharu Okuma
Series constitution: Oh, we let you cook island
Script: Oh, we let you cook island
Character design: 髙yaaya
Color scheme: Genta, Makabe
Art director: Masakazu Miyake
Director of photography: 桒yakibun
Editing: Emi Onodera
Sound director: Yasunori Ebina
Music: Yasuhiro Misawa
Sound production: Jinnan studio
Animation production: Video studio
Production: "Dried fish younger sister! umaruchan R production Committee

[the cast]
Earthen floor is buried: Aimi Tanaka
Earthen floor taihei: Kenji Nojima
Nana Ebina: Akari Kageyama
Home paper-cutting: Haruka Shiraishi
Tachibana, sill fin Ford: Yurina Furukawa
The home hard: Hiroki Yasumoto
Tachibana, Alex: Tetsuya Kakihara
Section Manager Kano: Ami Koshimizu

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