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uwabaki Cook

uwabaki Cook

Wednesday from 22:25 to 22:30

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uwabaki Cook

Broadcast information

Episode 13 (shu)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 broadcast

Cook who there is not memory of older brother, and sheds tears of grain, and cries.
Like until now, want to be sent back to brothers of good friend; and Cook…?

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We go on a trip that "Cook" looks for nouwabaki "cack" for the right foot which is older brother.
Lonely "Cook" always has no confidence and has a rearward character.
But we make friends with empty can and "things" such as plastic bottles to come across in trip and are various stories to experience, and to grow up.
It is short animation of all 13 episodes to be able to enjoy in parent and child casually.

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