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Warau Salesman (89 through 93)

Warau Salesman (89 through 93)

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Warau Salesman (89 through 93)

Broadcast information

Episode 11 pub crawl / long vacation

Friday, September 8, 2017 broadcast

■It is novelist, etsuyo*jo (55) which is not satisfied when we do not do pub crawl, but there is not friend of regular drinker going together together. We drink, and mourning black introduces young woman, Nomi child to etsuyo as partner.

■Long vacation
Nagai (42) of office worker given one-month vacation from company. Mourning black introduces volunteer to Nagai finding time unmanageable, but is going...

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hohhohho, I call mourning black Fukuzo, person; "Warau Salesman"…….
Even if say seerusumanto; tadanoseerusumandehagozaimasen.
Article which I handle is heart…Okay, yo which is human heart.
Only as for the person that heart is lacking as for both young and old man and the woman in the world….
We fill gap of heart of such everybody.
No, money does not have 1 sen either.
If visitor is satisfied by my help, it is the best reward.
By the way, on earth today's visitor will be what kind of person……

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