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Warau Salesman (89 through 93)

Warau Salesman (89 through 93)

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Warau Salesman (89 through 93)

Broadcast information

Zelkova of Episode 51 clean syndrome / valley

Friday, January 12, 2018 broadcast

■Clean syndrome
Your Tsu Kotobuki (29) of female office worker living a life that it is healthy and is regular is too cleanly, and there is not keeping company with man so far. Your such Tsu Kotobuki ha is rough, but begins association with reliable man.

■Zelkova of valley
(49) opposes zelkova being cut by building construction in Thursday of painter. There is cooperation of mourning black, too, is the beginning by siege of protest on Thursday...

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hohhohho, I call Fukuzo Moguro, person; "Warau Salesman"…….
Even if say seerusumanto, tadanoseerusumandehagozaimasen.
Article which I handle is heart…Okay, yo which is human heart.
Only as for the person that heart is lacking as for both young and old man and the woman in the world….
We fill gap of heart of such everybody.
No, money does not have 1 sen either.
If customer is satisfied by my help, it is the best reward.
By the way, on earth today's customer will be what kind of person……

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