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Warau Salesman NEW

Warau Salesman NEW

Monday from 23:00 to 23:30

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Broadcast information

Warau Salesman NEW

Broadcast information

Tessho Genda selection special repeat broadcast!

Monday, June 26, 2017 broadcast

Rules of man / mom friends whom Episode 7 changed itself into

■Man whom we disguised ourselves as
Gentle wife and pretty daughter. Bright home that was surrounded for smile. It was the perfect life, but, seeing from the circumference, Isobe felt some lacking something. We notice mourning black and encounter, another oneself for stimulation on such one day…

■Rules of mom friends
To unconvincible thing...

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My name causes Fukuzo Moguro, person; Warau Salesman.
There is not just salesman.
Article which I handle is heart, human heart.


Only as for the person that heart is lacking as for both young and old man and the woman in the world…
We fill gap of heart of such everybody.

No, money does not have 1 sen either.
If customer is satisfied, it is the best reward.
By the way, on earth today's customer will be what kind of person…


The staff cast

The original: Fujioe- Fujiko
Director: Hirofumi Ogura ("new Atashin'chi" "knight of area")
Casts: Tessho Genda et al.
Script: Naohiro Fukushima Ishikawa Asami Midori Natsu
Character design, total drawing director: Fujio Suzuki
Art director: Minoru Nishida
Color scheme: Inoue akiko
Director of photography: Masato Makino
Editing: Yumiko Nakaba
Sound director: Koichi Iizuka
Music: Tanaka fairness
Production: Shin-Ei Animation
Plan production cooperation: Tom's entertainment

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