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Episode 11 tomorrow is outdoor!

Monday, December 18, 2017 broadcast

Suggestion of Hinata determines camping in Hanno riverbank! In Hinata and Kaede preparing for meal for dessert as for Aoi and the Kokona. Aoi to invite Kokona into house while being tense, and to prepare for together. Night is slumber party in two people?

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[The staff]
The original: Shiro
Serialization magazine: Monthly comics earth star
Animation production: 8bit
Director: Yusuke Yamamoto
Character design: Yusuke Matsuo

[the cast]
Aoi Yuka Iguchi
Hinata Kana Asumi
Kaede: Yoko Hikasa
Kokona Yui Ogura

The staff cast

"Child dakenoyurufuwa outdoor of woman" that popular illustrator, margin describes comics "yamanosusume" from January, 2013 TV animation Start broadcast! "Hinata" which loves "Aoi" afraid of heights and mountain, and always swings the circumference around by indoor hobby. In two people of childhood friend challenging mountain climbing to see the morning sun at the mountaintop that we looked at together once again when we are young. With mountain-climbing equipment dishes vs. determine, and climb neighboring small mountain and…. We acquire knowledge little by little, and mountain climbing companions increase, too. When is it that we are seen in the morning sun which we saw on that day?

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