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Power of five people that Episode 24 is new!

Thursday, May 31, 2018 broadcast

It was four PRECURE which touched mask of despair that there was not of never coming off having appeared before wishes that marched into the headquarters of nightmare. Angry wish transforms itself into cure dream, but it is used to control by everybody who should have been friend, and mask of despair is touched. kawarino convinced of victory is i in the abyss of despair in PRECURE of five people...

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Eighth grader that dream original wish goes to sun walnut yell school. It is always forward girl who is spirited though we are bumbling, and is gentle at heart. One day wish that we found mysterious book, dream Colette in library meets Coco which came over from pal Mie kingdom.
Coco continued looking for dream Colette to have power that only one what kind of wish granted to return hometown that had been ruined by wicked organization, nightmare to original figure. But you must collect 55 Pinky to grant wish. Besides, we send assassinator who is afraid of nightmare at dream Colette in sequence.
Only as for the PRECURE that what could confront nightmare transformed itself in pinkikyatchu…Though we are slightly scared, we cannot leave Coco which is not appreciated. We gather friends and we kick and are in doing the best ...!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: East temple Izumi
Plan: Itsuo Ono (Episode 1 - Episode 13), Masayuki Nishide (Episode 14 - Episode 49), Tsurusaki rika, Shinji Shimizu
Producer: Masayuki Kameda, Kazuhiro Aso, the Washio sky
Production charge: Kazuo Sakai
Series constitution: Yoshimi Narita
Series director: Toshiaki Komura
Character design: Toshie Kawamura
Color scheme: Toyoji Sawada
Art design: 3, Yukinobu
Music: Naonori Sato

■OP musical piece
"PRECURE 5, smile go go!" 
Words: Natsumi Tadano 
Composition: Yoshiro Iwakiri 
Arrangement: Masaki Iehara 
uta: Mayu Kudo / young people fresh with mayumi&yuka 

■ED musical piece
And "it dazzles MY True Love!" 
Words: Miwa Sasaki 
Composition: marhy 
Arrangement: Kotaro Kubota /marhy 
uta: Kanako Miyamoto

"Gamba Lance de dance ... miracles ~ to dream" of 
Words: Kumiko Aoki 
Composition: Yasuo Kosugi 
Arrangement: Tada SANYO 
uta: Kanako Miyamoto with purikyua 5 

[the cast]
Cure dream: Yuko Sanpei
Cure rouge: Junko Takeuchi
Cure aqua: Ai Maeda
Cure mint: Ai Nagano
Cure lemonade: Mariya Ise
Coco: Takeshi Kusao
Nuts: Miyu Irino
Milk: Sendai Eli
Mika Masuko: Mari Yamada
Akimoto window: Ai Nagano
Kota Washio: morikunkyu
girimma: Nobuyuki Hiyama
arakunea: Yoko Somi
It is B: Wataru Takagi
kawarino: A rare Hiro
hadenya: Kazue Komiya 
buraddi: Eiji Maruyama
desuparaia: Kazuko Sugiyama

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