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Welcome to classroom of the principle of ability supremacy

Welcome to classroom of the principle of ability supremacy

Wednesday from 25:05 to 25:35

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Welcome to classroom of the principle of ability supremacy

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Episode 12 genius is person living than insanity only on one class of minute.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 broadcast

Criminal who stole key card of the moat north was Ibuki Mio. Physical condition turns worse, and the moat north in conflict with her falls down at last to get back key card. The moat north that refuses retirement to be promoted to A class again because it is detected in older brother. However, limit and intricate design alley which we looked at let her retire by force physically. It is in that leader was known...

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Intricate design Kiyotaka Shoji who entered entrance into a school of higher grade school, Tokyo altitude upbringing high school said to be the ratio of students who go on to college, 100% of rate of employment.
However, we were only problem children that we did not think of one year D class that he belonged to to be with entrance into a school of higher grade school.
Furthermore, let-alone policy that for 100,000 yen a month gives student point of cash and equivalency in the school and consents tacitly to whisper, doze, sabotage about class.
It was students living a loose life, but person having sense of incongruity avoids interchange with - - another person who was thoroughly and is beautiful girl, moat north bell sound going through loneliness.
Though student should be given large sum of money, there is much "relief to person who does not have money", and she notices that it is prepared on campus.
One month later, intricate design alley, the moat north, all of D class know the truth of system of school before long…….

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: ikasa*go
(to MF library J "welcome classroom of the principle of ability supremacy" /KADOKAWA)
Character original bill: tomoseshunsaku
Director: Seiji Kishi X Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Assistant director: Kinome A
Series constitution: Vermilion white Aoi (meme meme)
Character design: Kazuaki Morita
Assistant character design: Mai Maekawa, close Kyoko
Total drawing director: Miho Ichikawa, Ayano Fujita
Prop design: Tomohito Hirose, shokashiwa*yumi
Art director: Feather apophyge ship
Art setting: Kokonoe Katsuo
Color scheme: kakuchidai*
3DCGI: Lark's entertainment
CG director: Masafumi Uchiyama
Director of photography: heikawaryushi
Editing: Masaki Sakamoto (Morita editing room)
Music: Riyo Takahashi
Music production: Lantis
Sound director: Satoki Iida
Sound effects: okudenijo
Sound production: Daks production
Animation production: Lerche
Production: Welcome it is production Committee to classroom of the principle of ability supremacy

[the cast]
■D class
Intricate design Kiyotaka Shoji: Shoya Chiba
Moat north bell sound: Kito Akesato
Kushida Kikyo: Yurika Kubo
Airi Sakura: M A O
Light Megumi Izawa: Ayana Taketatsu
Yosuke Hirata: Ryota Osaka
Koenji Rokusuke: Toshiki Iwasawa
Takeshi Sudo: Eiji Takeuchi
Pond Kanji: Tomoki Abe
Haruki Yamauchi: iwachu*ju
Good luck village Teruhiko: Goda wing
■A class
Slope Yu Yanagi home: Rina Hidaka
Katsuragi Kohei: Satoshi Hino
■B class
Ichinose sail wave: Nao Higashiyama
Ryuji Kanzaki: Akihisa Wakayama
■C class
We run dragon garden: Underwater Masaaki
Ibuki Mio: Mikako Komatsu
■Student council
Moat north study: Yuichiro Umehara
Akane Tachibana: Yoshimi Ohara
Tea stem Sae: Rina Sato
hoshikorekyuchimegumi: Hisako Kanemoto

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