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Little girl account of war

Little girl account of war

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Little girl account of war

Broadcast information

Usage of Episode 12 victory

Friday, March 31, 2017 broadcast

It is several days later from siege extermination war of line front. The empire forces which overthrew the main force of enemy gain control of republican capital parisuii promptly. We had bright victory in our hand at last. Tanya was pleased with peaceful life that we finally obtained in Imperial capital in an uproar at victory, but news that republic Navy was withdrawing there entered. As for Tanya, republican do rugo general abandons the mainland...

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General calendar June, 1923.
Little girl of blond European, Tanya degurechafu the last course of empire forces military academy,
We worked hard at the training as part of military unit duty in the third cordon of district under jurisdiction of Northern Command norden war ward.
The training that was the first step to step forward to bright carrier as aviation buff head priest should have been over safely without incident.

However, situation rolls to unexpected direction.
Empire and association of agreement enter into state of war triggered by cross-border invasion of association of agreement.
Surprise attack by the agreement Allied Forces occurs though observation duty is assigned with shift to war regime, and Tanya falls into situation that must be at war with devil head priest squadron of enemy alone.
The hopeless situation that there is many, capital punishment does not avoid by holding until friend arrives in numeral inferiority but to geyomononara running in the face of the enemy.
It is to make a rally for Operation Tanya hatoaru somehow or other to survive, and to appeal when we did our best for the upper echelon…….

The staff cast

The main cast
Tanya degurechafu: Aoi Yuuki
visha: Saori Hayami
rerugen: Shinichiro Miki
ruderudorufu: Tessho Genda
zetua: Yoshitada Otsuka

[the main staff]
The original: Carlo then ("little girl account of war" /KADOKAWA)
Character original bill: Shinobu Shinotsuki
Director: Yasushi Uemura
Character design, total drawing director: Hiroharu Hosogoe
Series constitution, script: Kenta Inohara
Archdeacon: Kana Shundo
Assistant character design: Hiromi Taniguchi, makikoyu, Haruhito Takada (high old style.)
Fashion design: Hiromi Taniguchi
madogu design: Ryoma Ebata
Prop design: Hiroshi Moriyama
Firearms design: Akishino Denforword Hiyori, Sunao Otsu
Key animator: ishikyokakeri*, Shinichi Kurita, Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Effect director: Takashi Hashimoto
Military historical investigation: Reiichiro Ofuji
Art director: Satoru Hirayanagi
Color scheme: Chiho Nakamura
Director of photography: Shinji Tonsho
3DCGI director: Masato Takahashi
Editing: Yumi Jinguji
Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music: Shuji Katayama
Animation production: NUT
Production: Little girl account of war production Committee

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