9ch point rally
9ch point rally

9ch point Larry renews! We became able to participate more casually!

We get the points depending on event when we participate in event and campaign of each program using MX application when by data broadcasting. We save point, and let's get present and coupon!

For more details, in 9ch point campaign explanation page!

It is live with SORA
It is live with SORA

Data broadcasting and application report title of the Sunday and daily weather, and audience conjugates in broadcast of the Sunday!

It is live with SORA

Interlocking movement plan with rose color dandy!
Today's title is delivered to application at about 17:00 for from Monday to Friday.
Please choose answer among four choices.
We perform result announcement by weather forecast of rose color dandy.

Delicious guidance
Delicious guidance

Delicious guidance (bimiannai) is restaurant gourmet information retrieval site of the whole country.
We publish route guidance to shop and features which we reported on by cooperation with transfer guidance.
We search shop where is good to oneself in guide, area, dishes, purpose and suggest way of enjoying delicious food.

●What is delicious guidance?
"Delicious guidance" is new gourmet site in connection with the domestic highest possible course retrieval service "Jordan transfer guidance".
With the goal of user and the best match of shop, we aim at site that it is easy to use with few convenience so far.

●Features of delicious guidance
Though we should have come according to map, shop is not readily found!
Delicious guidance…
We can go to shop by transfer guidance + route guidance without question!

It comes together with uneasiness to go to the first shop even if there is map always.
We cooperate with "Jordan transfer guide" to dissolve the trouble.
Let alone transfer guidance to the nearest station, we can easily check route guidance, the time required to shop.
Furthermore, [last train guidance] it is settled immediately if we use function are you in time for the last train?.
From the distance to shop to trip to return, we support all access.

Though reputation by word of mouth was good, it was not "good shop" for oneself…
Delicious guidance!
"Fitting shop" is found not "good shop"!
By person and situation, the standard changes even if we say "good shop".
Therefore it was equipped with function that there was [we look for in guides] including `office worker daddy '` gourmet' to have user choose shop which fitted more.
Furthermore, we publish article contents [guide of selection of shop] to introduce "what kind of person does the shop match?" to.
By function and article, we support "store search to fit the person" not simple "search for good shop".

TOKYO MX X Shufoo!
TOKYO MX X Shufoo!

Cooperation service with electronic flyer portal site "Shufoo!" even as for the application!
Including major supermarket, a lot of flyers of shop which is convenient for everyday shopping are published.
We only set areas such as homes, and advantageous flyer arrives every day.

1.Registration of My area

①We input the present location or address and search.

②If map is displayed, we tap "setting in My area at the center of map"


When you use search from the present location, please turn on setting of GPS.

2.Indication of flyer

We are seen with list of local flyers which we registered.

①"Today's flyer," "all categories" can turn down flyer by "near order".

②We are seen in the details when we tap flyer.

MX Apulia icon

The number of flyer is displayed by icon of application when we turn on notice.

3.The details of flyer

①We may link to web page. We can move to site of store then.


②When add to "like"; "flyer menu" → We can see with list from "favorite store".

4.We set area

"Flyer menu" → We can change area of flyer from "My area change".

Shufoo! minichira

We can read information that is real time such as special time sale or event in shop that shop delivers.

①We can see the details of store.

②We can set notices of "MY eriaminichira delivery time" by "minichira delivery setting".


We display list of news videos posted on YouTube in YouTube TOKYO MX formula account.
News is seen in YouTube when we tap.

  • ProgramTwitter

    We can identify detailed information of program as list of programs of TOKYO MX.