2015/03/27 Friday
We graduate and are in charge of birdie on Wednesday: Tannowa A is rare

All of you in rose color dandy that you are watching.
As we announced even program,
It is rare I Tannowa A; at the end of March
We will graduate from birdie on Wednesday.
It was really instant for approximately ten months from May of last year.
Concerning successor of Miyazawa Emma, the pressure is big…

We read chairmanship progress and manuscript by live broadcasting of TV,
(laugh) including return to straight ◯ material characterizing Wednesday,
Scene where a lot of being inexperienced is ashamed in inadequacy
We think that we showed a lot.

Still the staff teaching patiently,
Performers who watch, and help,
There are people supporting such me and,
We were able to act as birdie to here.

When we did not go to studio on next Wednesday or when there was not yet actual feeling, but saw rose Dan on TV on Wednesday,
We feel like feeling true loneliness for the first time.

It is ordinary word to have got here,
It is lifetime treasure heartily.
When we go to the next stage with this gift,
We graduate forward.

In addition, while looking forward to being able to see everybody somewhere,
Furthermore, we pray for Tannowa A rare oyoroshikuo continuously by all means as we do our best step by step to be able to show figure which grew up!
It was such a short time, but thank you.

After all we are already lonely (;_;) /
The rose color dandy best!
kampai! !(≧∇≦) sho
Thank you for your help.
In addition, it is somewhere.
Tannowa A is rare

M Cass-adaptive program
2017/11/24 Friday
Dave Spector participates in dandy on Friday when legend Yoshichi Shimada of comedy world acts as MC! We cut today's news to be worried about in two with a single stroke of a sword without taboo with Hakase Suidobashi, Reiko Yuyama, Masaaki Satake! We introduce oden of Yoshichi Shimada gagabaibaachan art handed down directly about "recommendation, brutality"! Broadcast true intention talk at the very limit of cord not to be seen explodes this evening in key station! When do not see; tonight is shin re Nine!
2017/11/23 Thursday
Appearance after a long absence Tomio Umezawa! Combination of Nadja Diana says what she wants to say! Yoshiaki Kanemura cuts much-talked-about news in two with a single stroke of a sword! Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? With nado, every news as ranking; is checked "tonight the pivot in shin re 9"! True intention talk explosion! ▽Let me say, and ▽ destruction by fire corner is dandy! That person says what he/she wants to say this evening! Great rage! ▽As for the broadcast plan that is annual on holiday! *ko is broadcasted live from that place!
2017/11/22 Wednesday
Hesitation combination of ball bag & Uchiyama! Unpredictable reckless driving remark? Dr. Muroi & Morita goes on the rampage, too! ▽Very popular plan! "Shine! Drunkenness Demi Prize! Today's stage is Shibuya! Shock life episode of deep drunkards! ▽Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? With nado, every news as ranking;, in "shin re 9, is checked tonight" the pivot! Yuzuki Muroi who keeps barking! Shinji Uchiyama who gets angry! Sujitaro Tamabukuro which keeps becoming senile! As for the dandy, nobody is stopped on Wednesday!
2017/11/21 Tuesday
Shinji Uchiyama is feed explosion for Eiji Bando! Kazuyo Katsuma hit news to be worried about, too; cut! Tachibana walnut talks about night economy! In the cabaret club, is district advantageous? Okada sario comes up in pinch hitters! Is net uproar, too? Is cord at the very limit of broadcast? Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? In "shin re 9, it is checked ranking in nado, every news tonight" the pivot! Talk that the sharpness is sharp is unmissable! ▽True intention talk explodes to be frank this evening! Great destruction by fire is inevitable! When do not see; tonight is shin re Nine!
2017/11/20 Monday
Night variety show of adult! News ranking "tonight shin re 9!" which adult of Tokyo should know Dandy develops reckless driving talk of bulls and bears incandescence on Monday! Night variety show of adult! Hit Takeshi Takei, Carousel Maki, Mayumi Kurata, the backside of Tono nagikoga news; cut! Great destruction by fire is inevitable; 60 minutes of bomb remark running fire!