2013/09/30 Monday
Graduation. Charge: Fukiko Kitagawa

Thank you for watching broadcast the other day!

I Tokky this Tuesday
We were taken care of for half a year
We graduated from Japan dandy.
ヽ (;▽;) no

The last casts are sho in proper one which was not able to say hello on account of the time
We write here.

It was this me who was full of uneasiness for half a year, and was unreliable after it became birdie on Tuesday, but we were stouthearted at all and were able to be as various places of the staff of the circumference and performers supported warmly.

Asei Machi always encouraged kindly in the neighbor. Cool, beautiful town is my longed-for person. It was very wonderful, and story in make room, way of thinking of town were interesting and studied very much!

Yasumi Iwagami told me who did not understand way of Twitter very carefully. As a lot of followers of Iwagami responded, lonely Twitter livened up more and more. Thank you!

As we hung to voice, and Gorgon Matsumoto supported "Tokky" every time, we had spirit. We were very really glad. Uneasy feeling vanished when we saw smile to laugh at two suddenly of Gorgon!

We had all of deep dandy which we collected data on in DDP tell interesting story every time and had various stimulation.

We took motivation and spirit and safeness to everybody whom he/she supported when "we do our best because we watched today!" by blog and Twitter and email. It was a very big help for me.

We had you met many people in Japan dandy and teach feeling of many thanks, and oneself was able to confirm part which must grow up more with it well.

This half a year
It is the best treasure of my life.

But, thanks to Japan dandy, we were able to very greatly grow up for me just a little.

Of all which was taken care of very much
To all of you with feeling of thanks. .

Thank you very much!
ヽ (;▽;) no

M Cass-adaptive program
2018/03/23 Friday
Friday dandy that legend Yoshichi Shimada of comedy world acts as MC! Hakase Suidobashi, Reiko Yuyama, Masaaki Satake, Dave Spector cuts today's curious news in two with a single stroke of a sword without taboo! Dave Spector recommends "movie that academy Best Picture Award is interesting though we were not able to win" about "recommendation, brutality"! Broadcast true intention talk at the very limit of cord not to be seen explodes this evening in key station! When do not see; tonight is shin re Nine!
2018/03/22 Thursday
Tomio Umezawa, Masakiyo Maezono, Yoshiaki Kanemura goes on the rampage! We reveal story that Hideto Tomabechi listens to only here very much? We cut much-talked-about news in two with a single stroke of a sword! Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? With nado, every news as ranking; is checked "tonight the pivot in shin re 9"! True intention talk explosion! ▽"Let me say, and destruction by fire corner is dandy", and that person says what he/she wants to say tonight! ▽We cut that much-talked-about news! ▽We send sexy weather forecast of Manami Hashimoto!▽
2018/03/21 Wednesday
Achievement of 1,000 times of broadcast is special at last! Super luxurious present hits! ▽Plan is super luxurious especially, too! Masahiro Chono actually enters on announcement school day! It is hard special training of sweat and tears for MC power improvement! With program MC three which Kazuo Tokumitsu of guest sends? ▽Shine! Plan special as for the drunkenness Demi Prize! We tie live broadcast to that dandy soting in Tokyo and we charge and report! We fully give vent to everyday pent-up anger! ▽In studio as for the champagne tower? Achievement of 1,000 times of broadcast not to know what happens is special! Night that is rose color this evening!
2018/03/20 Tuesday
We are carrying out 1,000 times of broadcast countdown special weeks! Luxurious present hits every day! Night variety show of adult! Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? News ranking "shin re 9 as for the tonight!" which nado, adult of Tokyo should know Reckless driving incandescence talk that dandy sends on Tuesday! Shinji Uchiyama is feed for Eiji Bando! Kazuyo Katsuma & Kurumi Tachibana combination barks this evening! ▽Theme of rose color economy dictionary of Kazuyo Katsuma "skill in logical moving!" An eye-opener information full loading! You who are always troubled with moving are settled by this method?
2018/03/19 Monday
Broadcast 1,000 times countdown week! Night variety show of adult! Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? News ranking "shin re 9 as for the tonight!" which nado, adult of Tokyo should know Dandy develops reckless driving talk of bulls and bears incandescence on Monday! Night variety show of adult! Hit So Takei, Carousel Maki, Mayumi Kurata, the backside of Tono nagikoga news; cut! Great destruction by fire is inevitable, 60 minutes of bomb remark running fire! ▽As for "TOKYO beauty mature woman collection" to compete for "beauty of heart" let alone figure!