2018/04/12 Thursday
Should smoker care about nonsmoker in shop which can smoke?

Speaking of April…“ new life! "

Treating person putting the body in new environment with "reception"
Classic event of this time!

Such a reception is held night after night this time
This gray zone concerning "bar."

"Smoker should care about nonsmoker in smoking possible shop"

In non-smoking boom to rage,
Regular smokers continuing humiliating thought.

More recently, though "breathe in shop which can smoke,
There seems to be thing, we get a dirty look from the next visitor frankly.

When we ask about opinion of town…

○You should mind
 "We smoked until two years ago,
  We put out as soon as there was person to frown on even a little"
 If "there is consideration that a word calls out to before breathing, it is settled in a circle"
 It "is fact that there is health hazard. Even if restaurant is entirely non-smoking, we say"

●It is not necessary to mind
 "Place gashira - tto which swells to smoke
  I am sorry that we do"
 If "we breathe in non-smoking section, and words are said, we know
  Reason to be said does not have words in shop which can smoke.
  Do not come if you do not like cigarette!"

nadonado pro and con!

Then false eyelashes SHOW monochrome in studio!

In opinion "that you should care" about other than Diana.

Umezawa "put Wednesday in the ashtray,
   We are careful that there is not smoke of cigarette very much.
   But because we breathe at place that you may breathe,
   So it is strange to be started grousing.
   Because even we do not go to shop which does not let you smoke cigarette"

Carousel "is the same!"

Two people who were broken of opinion…

Nadja "I am human being not to always suck in,
    It is said that we injure health because the neighbor has person to suck in
    Awareness wants you to have"

To "person of Diana seat next to same table and counter
     There should be a word, but can smoke as main premise
     Do you say that you do what further because it is shop?"

By the way, manamin "does not have to mind"
As we love smoking man,
People seem to hate that they feel about that public reputation is narrow.

The last judge of MC butterfly field…?

Butterfly field "nuisance person getting drunk at restaurants"

For conclusion "not to have to mind."

Would it be acquired black and white?

We look forward to curious gray zone of everybody!

M Cass-adaptive program
2018/04/20 Friday
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2018/04/19 Thursday
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2018/04/16 Monday
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