2017/07/18 Tuesday
"We understand "force" of program with dressing room lunch!" on July 18

This theme "understands "force" of program with dressing room lunch!"

Performer and the staff of TV program,
So-called "location valve" to eat between photography, collecting.
As talent often eats in dressing room, we seem to call "dressing room lunch"
With "quality" and "quantity" of this dressing room lunch audience rating of program
We understand budget that is "force"!

Then let's comment promptly. At first it is "quality".

As program with force has many budgets, too,
Lunch which is high in both "taste and" "price" appears!
We prepared my favorite high quality lunch as specific example!

At first "paste two steps lunch with small rice balls" of "Taya, Tsu" (1,080 yen)

Constant seller of constant sellers of dressing room lunch! Originally
Of Drifters "8:00 dayo! Is asked by all the members meeting; location dialect
Long-established store which we have begun to make in business for 40 years!
Even if rice becomes cold, it is delicious!
And dish simmered in egg is the really best even if we say anything!

Successively "beef lunch" of "Asakusa now and a half" (1,080 yen)

In the long-established store of sukiyaki, lunch is famous, too!
(program with force including ※ Nippon Television "we yak up 007" ordering)
Rate taking away of talent is said to be expensive lunch.
Sukiyaki of black color Japanese beef is the best! 

When such a lunch appears; the staff, actor together
Tension goes up. Besides, of "joy mountain Chinese restaurant"
"Preference four kinds lunch" (864 yen),
Furthermore, we were not able to prepare in terms of budget this time,
We feel that lunch of "Jojoen" appears "naturally".


On the other hand, in the case of program without force, what kind of lunch appears?

Lunch which fried food of white-fleshed fish not to understand well was contained in
Two rice balls…What as for the thing…However,
He/she starts and is thankful…

And you said quality and quantity some time ago,
What kind of thing is "quantity?"

You may express in other words with quantity that is "number"
Several types of lunches be put in program with force,
Thing which "meat" or "fish" like from that
There are many selectable patterns, too. (lunches of Friday soldier of the Imperial Guard)
In addition, as for manager and the stylists,
He/she prepares lunch for the staff of actor

In the case of program without force, is it nanodeshoka?
When force of program disappears, at first kinds decrease
As for lunch of share of the staff disappearing…
Not only lunch but also the number of drinks (Wednesday, tea) decreases    

In the first place why is force of program reflected by "lunch?"

Because we can return clearly!
If audience rating is good, budget increases to both variety and drama.
It is lunch to be able to return budget that increased most quickly.
Therefore when lunch becomes luxurious, and kinds increase,
Both performer and the staff think that it is saying "this program is well-conditioned".

Then it is last, performers
"Is it that? This program may be dangerous"
We show toiu signature. Please learn.

It is this!
If "lunch which there were two kinds becomes one kind, it is dangerous"

As for the next time in fun!

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