2017/12/05 Tuesday
December 5 "food delivery"

This theme "food delivery"

Food delivery of everybody these days evolves; do know?
It is reason with the reason to have become easy to order in smartphone and net.

"Food delivery" becomes rich in variation,
We are greatly distributed between three.

・We deliver ingredients itself
・We deliver machined food (before cooking)
・We deliver cooked dishes (evolution type)

At first it is "delivery in ingredients itself",
Form to deliver ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables.
We took up before in this section, and "net is super"
"Consumers' cooperatives (co-op) hit it, too".
We deliver delicious ingredients by security including organic vegetables
"Oisix (Oisix) is famous, too".
Even as for trace, the Amazons such as "Amazon fresh"
There is service, too.

Successively "delivery with machined food"
This warms, and the last cooking delivers necessary processed food.
"Ingredients itself, as for the service offering with delivery", it is a lot.

And "re-Hel Smilax Oldhami" one interesting; toiunogaarimashite,
"herushio" and "hot Cook" put ingredients     
We can cook full-scale cooking just to push button,
It is service to deliver the ingredients to as much as it is necessary.

Finally, "we deliver dishes of cooking finished" (evolution type).
This is service of home delivery of cooked foods such as conventional pizza or sushi.
However, various suppliers enter here recently.
For example, it is this!

・Finder in
・Home delivery of cooked foods building

Service that carrier sends in registration system to home and office.
This sends menu which is not normal delivery to home, too and,
He/she sends to delivery place out of the area until now.

"Finder in"
Menu of celebrity restaurant which anyone knows,
Restaurant delivery service that he/she reports to home or the workplace.

How about?
Does eating out not feel like not needing anymore?

When when we eat with friend by all means in house, we use
How about?

As for the next time in fun!

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