We fell into first place Horiemon new half!
Saying Takafumi Horie "is stuck in video of new half" in Twitter
Possibility that we woke at prison which posts, and becomes topic is talked about
Man who was treated like criminal of second place wind in rage case of bodily injury
Bad smell disturbance causes the name of friend in general shop saying "criminal of wind is you!"
When man of the same name which there was in shop was made "treated like criminal", we raise misunderstanding case of bodily injury
Third place Ainosuke Kataoka, Norika Fujiwara marriage former lovers…
Ainosuke Kataoka, Norika Fujiwara is different for correspondence of marriage announcement cause Les Amants the day before yesterday
We bless and comment on remark Tomonori Jinnai "doing not matter", and Asami Kumakiri floods in
Art to meet with with entertainer in downtown that fourth place well-informed person tells
"Teacher does bullying" accusation fifth place ex-co-worker
Sixth place Koyakata, katopan, SKE Miyazawa…Graduation of entertainer
We renew in design 60 years before seventh place Arakawa Line
It is the "nipples suke" boss that eighth place new employee avoids most
It is "premature start BBA" phenomenon for ninth place around 30 woman

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M Cass-adaptive program
2017/09/22 Friday
Do you know a lot about scandal with scandalous talent, Eiji Bando & Hakase Suidobashi & Masakiyo Maezono most in Japan? Scandal SP to cut that Dave Spector hit that latest news! Annual different kind martial art war shuffle week! Open party of dream! Eiji Bando [professional baseball commentator], Hakase Suidobashi [Asakusa kid], Dave Spector [broadcast producer], Masakiyo Maezono [soccer commentator], Yoshichi Shimada [comedian]
2017/09/21 Thursday
Night variety show that adult of Tokyo should see! Body group dandy of Takeshi Takei, Shinji Uchiyama, Yoshiaki Kanemura, Masaaki Satake gathers and cuts much-talked-about news in two with a single stroke of a sword! Is it politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism? With nado, every news as ranking; is checked "tonight the pivot in shin re 9"! ▽Which competition is good for boyfriend of Manami Hashimoto? Entrust and is dandy! Presentation battle! True intention talk explodes to be frank! Great destruction by fire is inevitable! ▽Sexy weather forecast of Manami Hashimoto is unmissable, too
2017/09/20 Wednesday
It is middle-aged girls-only gathering of one-night stand this evening! Muroi, kuratama, Tono, Yuyama hit much-talked-about news; cut! It is full of shock bomb talks that are full of women! With every news including politics, economy, sports, entertainment, foreign countries, eroticism as ranking; "shin re 9 is check required tonight"! Special section "quiz! We entrust you to beautiful mature woman!" Then we press secret of beautiful mature woman keeping beauty of surprise! Broadcast one hour at the very limit of cord!
2017/09/19 Tuesday
Native Edoite Golden combination of ball bag & Uda circle talks about Tokyo hot! Intellectual group combination of Katsuma & Tomabechi hit political economy of Tokyo; cut! Native Edoite dandy which is born in Edo, and gave one's life to breeding, Edo in the Edo era are the large concentration! Annual different kind martial art war shuffle week! Open party of dream! Sujitaro Tamabukuro [Asakusa kid], Uda circle [lime star], Kazuyo Katsuma [economic analyst], Hideto Tomabechi [scholar of brain science], Masahiro Chono [professional wrestler]
2017/09/18 Monday
This week is shuffle week! Tomio Umezawa, Carousel Maki, Nadja Grand Diva Diana extravaganza is costarring of dream this evening [female-impersonator]! What kind of chemical reaction is caused? Very rough tonight is shin re 9! We cut news in two with a single stroke of a sword! Umezawa barks! As for the broadcast that is annual on holiday! From tonight that place!