2018/05/15 Tuesday
Sauna, hot spring

Well, it began!

Tuesday corner "style of professional dandy!"
Today's theme [style of sauna, hot spring].

Sauna which becomes oasis of office worker devoted to work every day.
As for Keiko Kitagawa of yokozuna, Hakuho and actress,
Celebrities who call themselves sauna - increase!
Minus number kejito hot spring is boom in sauna, too!
Famous hot spring of each places of the whole country and super public bath.
Besides, any people regardless of age or sex, foreigner enjoys bath of Japan under the influence of inbound, too.

However, is everybody doing way of enjoying seniors?

Ball bag! "At first when "this must never do it" this NG style of sauna from story!"

NG style of sauna
■We do not take bath
■We read photograph
■We dry laundry

"NG style of hot spring is this!" Uchiyama

NG style of hot spring
■We enter to Yes per hot water
■We are too much particular about effect
■We drink free juice too much

How can you enjoy sauna, hot spring successively?

Style of sauna senior
■If make Zen meditation, and appear; cold bath five minutes
■We do not put on the key to locker in hand
■We take off in dressing room in five seconds
⇒Ball bag to "foot not hand as for the key of locker! Method that it ascertains senior!"

Style of hot spring senior
■It does not work from constant position
■We come to know more about night town information
■We take off in dressing room in five seconds
⇒Uchiyama it "is the best to go to night town with yukata and clogs!
Because it is clear at a glance what inn you stay at! Though he/she never comes to room"

Well! The last summary!
Style of "style of professional dandy" sauna, hot spring is this!

Ball bag [rehearsal before cremation]
⇒... which human death is baked at crematory, and is over
It is art of senior to finish the life in sauna commute till then

Uchiyama [drain trouble of hot-spring resort into bath!]
⇒We make a racket when we go for sightseeing including hot spring!
 Let's wash it away with hot water of the last hot spring of trip!

Please take dandy generations, style of Uchiyama, ball bag into account!
We have wanted to go to sauna, hot spring! Let's learn style of senior by all means on the next time!

M Cass-adaptive program
2018/05/25 Friday
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2018/05/23 Wednesday
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2018/05/22 Tuesday
Night variety show of adult! Dandy develops reckless driving talk of bulls and bears incandescence on news ranking "rose color news 7" (seven) to color your life in rose color new life Tuesday! Sujitaro Tamabukuro, Shinji Uchiyama, Eiji Bando, guest Taizo Sugimura hit the backside of news; cut! Great destruction by fire is inevitable, 60 minutes of bomb remark running fire!
2018/05/21 Monday
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