2018/05/11 Friday
"Baseball stadium of mettoraifudomu is gourmet" on May 11

Well, we can be excited about dandy on the weekend on Friday,
This section to recommend special information to!

Today is Kanemura!
As for the recommended information, "baseball stadium of mettoraifudomu is gourmet"

Stronghold of Seibu Lions where Kanemura belonged to,
We recommend baseball stadium gourmet of mettoraifudomu!

According to "investigation 2018 about professional baseball"
In ranking that food was delicious
mettoraifudomu is the second place!
It is number one evaluation in Kanto!

Baseball stadium of such mettoraifudomu is gourmet,
At first the first recommendation is this!

Mountain River nochunjuku steak lunch

Lunch which Yamakawa devised.

The second is this!

Lions firing

We did form of mascot character "Leo" of quite popular Saitama Seibu Lions from the Seibu golden age
Product which is indispensable for fan.

The last is this!

Blue Moon

This beer which was born in basement of stadium of Colorado Rockies,
United States sales No. 1!
Beer which is right good to watching baseball!

Everybody, please enjoy baseball stadium gourmet to watching baseball, too.

M Cass-adaptive program
2018/05/25 Friday
Legend Yoshichi Shimada of comedy world in MC theme "culture & sports!" Hakase Suidobashi, Yoshiaki Kanemura, lime star Uda circle, Masakiyo Maezono cuts today's curious news in two with a single stroke of a sword without taboo! We recommend information to be able to be excited about on the weekend, and Masakiyo Maezono of sweets boy representative from Japan introduces "unrivaled article sweets" in "boiled boiled weekend land"! Broadcast true intention talk at the very limit of cord not to be seen explodes this evening in key station! When do not see; tonight is shin re Nine!
2018/05/24 Thursday
Tomio Umezawa Nadja Grand Diva Diana ekusutorabaganzakaruseru Maki goes on the rampage! ▽"Send monochrome false eyelashes SHOW gray zone flying!" Then we acquire black and white about [the issue of high-quality club cabaret club commute of priest] clearly! ▽Furthermore, we learn "the secret of health" hidden on the back of fantastic news with in "rose color health society"! ▽It is taken drastic measures until funny case by "rose color news 7" by much-talked-about news!
2018/05/23 Wednesday
Dandy is full of the true intentions of adult girl, and it is sent on Wednesday! ▽ every other week section to give to Yuzuki Muroi, Reiko Yuyama, and to invite Makoto Otake of one a month regular, and to talk with Karina Maruyama of former soccer girl representative from Japan about "are you good judge of man? Rose color men's judgment group! Look for man who is annoyed by 0 0 this time though you are good-looking!
2018/05/22 Tuesday
Night variety show of adult! Dandy develops reckless driving talk of bulls and bears incandescence on news ranking "rose color news 7" (seven) to color your life in rose color new life Tuesday! Sujitaro Tamabukuro, Shinji Uchiyama, Eiji Bando, guest Taizo Sugimura hit the backside of news; cut! Great destruction by fire is inevitable, 60 minutes of bomb remark running fire!
2018/05/21 Monday
So Takei & Mayumi Kurata & Kazuyo Katsuma & Hideto Tomabechi cuts that much-talked-about news! Talk battle of intellect breaks out this evening! ▽"Class galaxy seminar which wants to catch space one" opens a course in quite popular corner this evening! It is full of secret information not to listen to in others! ▽Extract which is rose color in your life! "Rose color news 7!" Stories not to listen to are varied in others from political economy to the international situation, the issue of imminent life!