2017/08/22 Tuesday
August 22 ""method" to drop in female workers for a cabaret club

Method that this theme "fails" female worker for a cabaret club!
In night shop, have you been deceived a lot, everybody?

For such everybody this time with female worker for a cabaret club
By method to be used to good relation "effectively", it is quiz form
We show. At first it is this problem!

In cabaret club taken to senior of company,
We met female worker for a cabaret club of type very hard.
And "go to shop Otho in these children whom you think of so!"
Well, how long is it Otho serudeshoka if we go?

A: Two weeks B: Two months C: Two years

How long is everybody identified if we go?

Correct answer is two weeks of ... A

It is cost-effectiveness to be important
We declare, "have relations with me because you go for two weeks" first.
As girl thinks, "we want to tie with" afterwards if she really goes for two weeks,
He/she is more likely to lower overpass.
When we go slowly for a long time and go too much, it costs only money,
On the contrary, we cannot urge. It is inviolable rule to hang game by "short-term decisive battle"

It is this problem successively

After shop was over, from girl in after
We were invited. By the way, with after after business hours,
It is that visitor and girl go out to play.
Well, where is shop which must not go in the first after?

A: Host club B: High-quality karaoke room 
C: Late-night roasted meat restaurant

Then where is shop which must not go to everybody?…?

Correct answer is karaoke room of B.

Important thing "do not become just two of us" here
"Feeling aiming" at is over karaoke room and does even high quality 
mautame, wariness of girl are strengthened, and guard is tense afterwards
It is inviolable rule to go to "place that is like opening, and is pleasant" in the first after!
By the way, at roasted meat restaurant and bar, near the hotel town is NG!
Guard is tense saying "we may be brought".

Then last girl,
We understand "how long do you think of you carefully?"
It is this problem!

It is your birthday today. When we go to shop,
Miss favorite hippopotamus gave birthday present!
Well, among next, which is present which "there is the most pulse" in?
A: Blue tie B: Birth cake of entering name 
C: T-shirt of rock band

Correct answer is T-shirt of rock band of C

By present most important thing,    
Is not "sense" with "amount of money" either; "preparations"
Feeling to you understands did you prepare?.

Everybody, in this first "present which there is not pulse"
Do you think that it is which? In fact, it is tie.

There are several ties for present in locker of Miss hippopotamus.
(and furthermore, there is the most passable "blue")
Have telephone of nomination; and "a! Saying it was this person birthday
We noticed and were more likely to drag hastily from locker!

Birthday cake of entering name
There is late-night patisserie in night town by all means
We have you call hastily and make…Scene is daily life how!
One, T-shirt of rock band,
"Your liking the band" in past conversation
We are researched well.
It is more likely to be thought that it is important customer.

This summary "for a short term decisive battle"

It becomes difficult for Miss hippopotamus to drop whenever we chase Sunday.
By 2-week short-term decisive battle, we must be able to urge if we want to drop in cabaret club
You should go to other shops if you think!

Uchiyama says…
You should drop by decisive battle in short term when long because there is Miss hippopotamus which shop changes, and returns to the country! datoiukotodesu!

How would about everybody?
When we fail Miss favorite hippopotamus based on this
How about?

As for the next time in fun!

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