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Bagdad Cafe new director's cut version

Saturday, May 20, 2017 broadcast from 19:00 to 21:00

... night cinema "masterpiece of immortality" ...

  • Thumbnail: Bagdad Cafe new director's cut version
  • Thumbnail: Bagdad Cafe new director's cut version
  • Thumbnail: Bagdad Cafe new director's cut version
  • Thumbnail: Bagdad Cafe new director's cut version

Jasmine of wife is alone, and it falls, and we drag high-heeled shoes of inaptitude and big trunk in desert, and couple who did for trip from Germany on street of the Mojave Desert located between Las Vegas and Los Angeles continues walking car in end of quarrel.
And we arrive at deserted cafe nestling in the roadside and motel and gas station. Letter which was written to signboard "BAGDAD CAFE." Brenda of the hostess shouted at both family and visitor sullenly and was going to send even flyer, husband there. Brenda that receives jasmine to ask to want to borrow room in broken English by fighting attitude. Story of two women begins in here.
Painter, hitchhiker, several regular customer truck drivers ... ... which people who gathered in this shop added Bach to son of Brenda that could last, daughter who just played around, bartender who did not work with piano all day, and came speaking of regular customer from woman tattoo craftsman, Hollywood.
Bagdad Cafe which there is always the languid mood which attracts odd person darakega. But heart of everybody who gathered around her has begun to be healed after jasmine appeared. Even in that displeased Brenda. And two people are linked to thought that is hard to leave gradually, but ... ...

The staff cast

Percy Adlon

[production, script]
ereonore ad Ron
Percy Adlon

berunto hainru

berunto A coupler
binadetto de Sant

D, V vattsudorufu

Bob Thellusson

Malian period zegeburehito
CCH, paunda
Jack Palance
Christine Kaufmann
George Aki Lar
daron flag

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