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It is good gachinko quarrel

Sunday, May 21, 2017 broadcast from 15:00 to 16:30

... gachinko! The third game! ...

  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko quarrel
  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko quarrel
  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko quarrel
  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko quarrel

Asuka west school. Three years leader of the valets: Jiro, two years leader of the valets: Atsushi, one year leader of the valets: Takagi. Leader of the valets of Asuka east school that is neighboring school on campus that each school year is jumbled up close together, and was in cease-fire state: Saeki changes school. In Saiki, we say Jiro who checks -, Saiki what you plot to other place what kind of expectations you changed school by, "quarrel graduated" and are not going to receive game.
- which two cases that balance of each school year collapses happen in such a case. Two years leader of the valets: Atsushi is leader of the valets of one year: We beat Thai man with Takagi, and the Allied Forces of .1 years was born for two years. In fact, the top of Yankee team "shin Iku" that Atsushi is atrocity: - that it was younger brother of Toshimichi Ogasawara, and Jiro for fear of surprise attack of shin Iku was not able to make passes at Atsushi, but pitched battle of the Allied Forces was not avoided anymore for .1 years for VS two years for three years. It is also another case, younger sister of Jiro: Tsurumaki who is Azusa and executive of three years is taken away by "shin Iku". It was Saiki covered with mask on Silvia to have saved two people at near touch, but is forbidden to talk saying "this do not say to anyone".
... that a certain case that was hidden in past of Saiki while all-out war approaches becomes clear.
- that the biggest intense battle also opens curtain in Asuka west school history that involved shin Iku now!

The staff cast

[producer executive]
Osamu Fujioka

Yoshihiro Nagata

Takashi Ohashi

[joint producer]
Shunsuke Suzuki
Yoshitaka Kamo

Hirose positive

Yoshiki Fukushima

Tetsuro Imai

Yu Kubota comes
Misaki Momose
Daisuke Watanabe
Nozomi Fujikawa
Kouhei Kumai
Ryo Hirano
Ikeda variety of flowers
Yu Kawada

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