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It is good gachinko scamper

Sunday, May 28, 2017 broadcast from 15:00 to 16:35

... gachinko! The third game! ...

  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko scamper
  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko scamper
  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko scamper
  • Thumbnail: It is good gachinko scamper

Fog-like high school. Bad team of campus was divided into three factions. Large faction: It is faction among Ryuichi groups: Mochizuki group and minimum faction which consists of only four people: It is Toshi group. Choose way that Toshi avoids confronting despite leader and survives, is Passi re-ni shi wateita for Mochizuki.
But the another first page matched such Toshi at mountain pass. We received instruction to Kanemoto for elder brother and were to participate in "festival street race of run shop" as owner of skill as it was called "nova of run shop world" in car magazine "drive enthusiasts" in ranebo of favorite car.
We supported which faction, or, on campus where rivalry intensified day by day, it was approached by both Ryuichi group, Mochizuki groups. For indecisive Toshi, it is friend of Toshi group: Column-maru, iron, great Jiro vent irritation, but Toshi not to want to have injury to grant dream to be given to early race leaves the cause of friend saying "do not roll me up".
True reason toha where the dream that we continued chasing and column-maru pushed Toshi. The last decisive battle that we are divided into the campus 2 military begins while various thought mixes!

The staff cast

[executive producer]
Osamu Fujioka

Yoshihiro Nagata

Takashi Ohashi

[joint producer]
Shunsuke Suzuki
Yoshitaka Kamo

Hirose positive

Yoshiki Fukushima

Tetsuro Imai

Takashi Nagayama
Yui Koike
Yu Miura
Yusuke Seto
Sun length
Naoki Yukawa
Mashima fairness
Takeshi Ishida
Masao Tomita
3 yuan elegant art
Hisashi Fukuda
Room to the north samurai
Kazuya Sakaguchi

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