[screen MX2]


Sunday, August 6, 2017 broadcast from 19:00 to 20:40

... night cinema "masterpiece of immortality" ...


Siren of detention home telling escape. Nine (Kyu Sakamoto) and Ryoji (Mitsuo Hamada) who escaped jumped onto passing motor tricycle.
We let Nagai (Shinsuke Ashida) who drove tricycle took over boys who left juvenile hall to own house and do forwarder and rehabilitated magnificently.
Two people begin new life towards each dream….

The staff cast

Toshio Masuda

Nobuo Yamada

Kyu Sakamoto
Mitsuo Hamada
Hideki Takahashi
Sayuri Yoshinaga
Tomoko Watanabe
Danny Iida and paradise King

Theater guidance

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Seeing and hearing method

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