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Monster of guemuru Han

Sunday, August 20, 2017 broadcast from 15:00 to 17:00

... thrill! ...

  • Thumbnail: Monster of guemuru Han
  • Thumbnail: Monster of guemuru Han
  • Thumbnail: Monster of guemuru Han
  • Thumbnail: Monster of guemuru Han

Magnificent river, Han (Han cancer) which divide the center of Seoul into the north and south, and flow. One day when people who spent holiday relaxing at the bank of a river gathered,
Unidentified huge monster <guemuru> appeared suddenly!
In front of the perception do which tended the store at stand of riverbed, person is attacked in sequence.
When we noticed, it was late, and beloved daughter of perception do, hyonso of junior high student were kidnapped in guemuru!
Furthermore, father hibon of perception do, younger brother namiru, Pac-Man family four of younger sister namuju are doubted when infected with virus which guemuru holds, and we are isolated by the government.
However, perception do catches the receipt from hyonso to cell-phone and gets away from hospital with family and goes to Han.
Can they really save hyonso?
And can you defeat guemuru?

The staff cast

[director, original bill, script]
It is Juno pop

cho yombe

[production total conduct]
cho yombe
Kim uteku
Jun teson

jo naan Yong

ha junon
peku choryon

Kim hyongu

The part of paku perception do: son GungHo
The part of paku hibon: pyon hibon
The part of paku namiru: paku heiru
The part of paku namuju: pe duna
The part of paku hyonso: Co-ason
The part of seju: i donho
The part of sejin: i jieun
Homeless man: Yoon jiemun
Man of yellow clothes: Kim reha
Shadow (private detective): paku noshiku
Senior of namiru: imu piruson

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