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Wicked great war

Sunday, September 10, 2017 broadcast from 15:00 to 17:00

... makeover ...

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  • Thumbnail: Wicked great war
  • Thumbnail: Wicked great war
  • Thumbnail: Wicked great war

Useless being attracted by indecisive yakuza of sensitive skin, boss of yakuza that Akira Kageyama had the strongest legend, Kamiura Genyo. One day, authority of Bishamon riniya
Mystery assassinator who came quits this. Kamiura and Kageyama fall down without what to do in the overwhelming strength. Exert strength of last moments, Kamiura is getsu to neck of Kageyama
We see, and there is and cries. "You inherit my blood, and go way of yakuza vampire! ". Revenge of Kageyama who acquired superhuman ability. Mall
Chain of dreadful blood attacking this. - which the earth shakes when Kageyama was going to face the last decisive battle, and guy does. And receive power of Kamiura; tsugi
Time of complete awakening of ida Kageyama approached….

The staff cast

As "God says" Takashi Miike "song infiltration investigator REIJI of mole"

Yoshitaka Yamaguchi "cat samurai" "Al kana"

Koji Endo

So Kanda

Masaru Watabe

Hayato Ichihara
Riko Narumi
Sho Aoyagi
Kiyohiko Shibukawa
Masaki Miura
Tea ryususumi
yayan ruhian
3 yuan elegant art
Yoshiki Arizono
Yasushi Nakamura Sunday
Makoto Sakaguchi
A Nozomi blue
Yoko Mitsuya
Akira Watanabe
Pierre waterfall
Do not appear; do not appear
Lily Frankie
Reiko Takashima

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