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Sunday, September 17, 2017 broadcast from 15:00 to 16:45

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Sam of the blues and younger sister of genius salsa dancer who became known in the U.K. However, we sealed by dance taking the opportunity of a certain tragedy. 25 years later, Bruce (Nic Frost) who worked as lathe design architect changed suddenly to excellent metabolic man. There is no her much less marriage for weak character of push. Lightning of love fell into such him! Julia (rashida Jones) of the boss that partner started for the new post from the United States. Good-looking co-worker, Drew (Chris odaudo) who fell in love with her at first sight increased, and love triangle that spark of love was scattered began. For the overwhelming blues which saw disadvantageously emergency chance! She was salsa dancer how. It was Bruce restarting lesson, but hits severe reality to give up fate for feeling, 25 years. Ex-genius salsa dancer came down to meat tartar dancer who could not step even on step directly. However, man who regained passion does not have letter of "we give up"! Dance to regain for her and oneself true, the blues!

The staff cast

[original bill]
Nic Frost

James Griffith

John Brown

Chinese chives park
James Biddle

Dick Pope

Jonathan Amos

The blues: Nic Frost
Julia: rashida Jones
Drew :Chris odaudo
Ron: Ian makushien
Sam: Olivia Coleman

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