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We're No Angels

Sunday, September 24, 2017 broadcast from 15:00 to 16:40

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Prison which is near Canada of 35 years at time of the United States. We shot prison guards dead just before Bob (russo) of atrocious prisoner was executed and planned escape. Ned (De Niro) and Jim (pen) of sneak thief who was present at execution ground by chance escaped with Bob with being incomprehensible, and two people aimed at Canadian border. However, we bump with old woman on the way and are mistaken for well-known father while words that we said in unreliable remark say that it is that that and will hide ourselves while asking about opportunity of escape at big church in town of border. While both ear and mouth make a great effort thanks to mother (Moore) of inconvenient child, as for two, festival to carry Virgin Mary image to church in the other side of border at the church is going to escape into Canada under cover of the confusion to hear what is held. And, on the day of festival, Bob appears in the town what and causes uproar.

The staff cast

Neil Jordan

Robert De Niro
Sean Penn
Demi Moore

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