Council for TOKYO MX broadcast report

Council for broadcast is installed for the purpose of organizing from the viewpoint of publicity appropriately, and broadcast being produced in deliberation organization determined in Broadcast Act. Council for broadcast of TOKYO MX starts in 1994 before opening of an office, and earnest opinion is exchanged now by seven committees.

About <program "news girl" >

February 28, 2017

Opinion book Portable Document Format (118kB) about program "news girl"

Council for <216th broadcast >

◇Holding date and time Monday, February 20, 2017 from 11:00 to 12:30

◇Chairperson committee Ryoji Nakahachi present, Vice Chairperson Sunakawa, Sumiko Imai committee, Jiro Sato committee, Keiko Murakami committee, one Yamada committee in total, Ian de stain committee

◇About agenda "news girl"

Proceedings summary

◇Report from the station side

▼About Mayor Chiyoda election news special program broadcast

News special program of Mayor Chiyoda election performed voting and counting the ballots of on Sunday, February 5 "Duel There is whereabouts program of election for election for Mayor Chiyoda member of the Metropolitan assembly "preliminary skirmish" to tell and reports.

▼About shopping site "TOKYO MX mall" opening

We report that "TOKYO MX mall" opened as our EC site.

◇ Deliberation contents

▼We were discussed about "news girl"

Committees gave the following opinion and suggestion to about program of title.

  • We do not seem to do coverage enough. When we handle such a problem, it can become fatal.
  • The making of program includes carelessness, frivolous point.
  • We are not seen in broadcast whether you pursued that you cut from constant objectivity, having intended social validity, multidirectional angle.
  • When we took up Okinawa, the weight of historic background and base problem and reality of Okinawa were not felt from this program. We should think one problem to think about Okinawa and the history once again from Tokyo to have got. And MX provided opportunity to think about.
  • When we talk about being squirrel key, commentator who does not have art with him/her should think about talk properly.
  • It is necessary to do it rather well without becoming good because it is information variety.
  • It is concerned about station being misunderstood like spokesman of viewpoint people that is reverse to the opposition.
  • There is room to reflect on there as for the problem of Okinawa while we are interested very much whether it was careless that it is said to catch it, and to argue by coverage of this level.
  • For point of examination, you should see "does it displease audience?".

In TOKYO MX, we want to make use of such an opinion and suggestion in the making of better program.

(measures that we took for opinion)

  • About our opinion, we announced in our formal HP on Monday, February 27, 2017.
  • About "opinion book from council for broadcast," we were released in our formal HP on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
  • About "acting as to produce program which we reported on again, and to broadcast all over the first half in 2017 at the latest that you pointed out with opinion book," we push forward production preparations for broadcast.
  • We examine system construction about "rebuilding the system which stimulated examination more about the examination system by July 1" that you pointed out with opinion book enough and are going to carry out.

Council for <conventional program summary >