Council for TOKYO MX broadcast report

Council for broadcast is installed for the purpose of organizing from the viewpoint of publicity appropriately, and broadcast being produced in deliberation organization determined in Broadcast Act. Council for broadcast of TOKYO MX starts in 1994 before opening of an office, and earnest opinion is exchanged now by seven committees.

Council for <217th broadcast >

◇Holding date and time Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 11:00 to 12:30

◇Chairperson committee Ryoji Nakahachi present, Vice Chairperson Hiroyoshi Sunakawa, Sumiko Imai committee, Jiro Sato committee, Keiko Murakami committee, Keiichi Yamada committee, Ian de stain committee

◇About agenda "new music bedtime story of Chambers"

Proceedings summary

◇Report from the station side

▼About reorganization information of the spring of 2017

There is program reorganization information of April, 2017 and reports.

▼About broadcast of Tokyo metropolitan assembly Article 100 Committee

We report "metropolitan assembly Article 100 Committee" broadcast that setting was decided on about the issue of Toyosu market move.

▼About term continuation of program deliberation committee

Continuation, the election of chairperson, vice chairperson were done for term of all committees.

◇ Deliberation contents

▼We were discussed about "new music bedtime story of Chambers"

Committees gave the following opinion and suggestion to about program of title.

  • The making of of program is simple, and good personality of Komuro comes, too, and folknik is satisfied.
  • By memorial special feature of monsieur pot guy, memory of the 30, Showa generation revived and came to miss very. Story of the origin of Shinji Tanimura was interesting, too.
  • We were able to listen to music comfortably. We will want you to deliver new person in guests in future.
  • Are you all right just to miss? We want you to attach change what you draw out from guest.
  • Music and balance of talk were good, and Komuro of host was calm and was very good atmosphere.
  • We think that memorial special feature was possible simply because we continued program. When we think, how is net delivery, too?
  • It was good that conversation with Komuro and guest was established well.

In TOKYO MX, we want to make use of such an opinion and suggestion in the making of better program.

(measures that we took for opinion)

  • It will follow by program production in future and will consider about new guest whom there was you pointed out from Sato committee, Imai committee, Murakami committee.
  • We will examine net delivery of program which there was you pointed out from Vice Chairperson Sunakawa in future.

Council for <conventional program summary >