Council for TOKYO MX broadcast report

Council for broadcast is installed for the purpose of organizing from the viewpoint of publicity appropriately, and broadcast being produced in deliberation organization determined in Broadcast Act. Council for broadcast of TOKYO MX starts in 1994 before opening of an office, and earnest opinion is exchanged now by seven committees.

Council for <218th broadcast >

◇Holding date and time Thursday, May 11, 2017 from 11:00 to 12:30

◇Chairperson committee Ryoji Nakahachi present, Vice Chairperson Hiroyoshi Sunakawa, Sumiko Imai committee, Jiro Sato committee, Keiko Murakami committee, Keiichi Yamada committee, Ian de stain committee

◇About and the agenda "is in love in happy life - Edo era on ... weekend"

Proceedings summary

◇Report from the station side

▼About report of classification of broadcast

We report broadcast classification of the first half of 2017.

▼About "sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk" DVD release

We broadcast from January, and it is reported that DVD of "sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk" that won popularity is released next month.

◇ Deliberation contents

▼We were discussed about and "we are in love in happy life - Edo era on ... weekend"

Committees gave the following opinion and suggestion to about program of title.

  • As there is loose atmosphere, we will be particular about the choice of the personnel of guest in future and squeeze point at corner of town introduction and want you to give strong image.
  • You should have introduced stretch in a short time. Conversation in studio felt like flat board, but thought that town introduction was program good generally interestingly.
  • One way or the other, we felt that it was program like MX. We want you to put your ingenuity in set of studio.
  • Four performers have each good point. Particularly, Masami Tanaka of MC is good at progress, too, and quality of voice is good, too.
  • Constitution of program did not have change and was monotonous. We thought that we wanted to see more feelings.
  • It is good to have narrowed down theme to sports and the history and we are seen leisurely and are plain. How you brush up will be problem in future.
  • It is program seen in peace, but is pointed not to become monotonous as theme is Edo rediscovery where you provide unlikelihood.

In TOKYO MX, we want to make use of such an opinion and suggestion in the making of better program.

(measures that we took for opinion)

  • We set "the broadcast council" about improvement of publication method of HP which there was you pointed out from Vice Chairperson Sunakawa on TOP page of MX formula HP and displayed.
  • Archive of record of council for program which there was you pointed out published archive of summary page from for 2016 in council for broadcast page about becoming from Vice Chairperson Sunakawa.
  • We will consider from Imai committee, Chairperson Nakahachi in future about background of studio set which there was you pointed out.

Council for <conventional program summary >