Council for TOKYO MX broadcast report

Council for broadcast is installed for the purpose of organizing from the viewpoint of publicity appropriately, and broadcast being produced in deliberation organization determined in Broadcast Act. Council for broadcast of TOKYO MX starts in 1994 before opening of an office, and earnest opinion is exchanged now by seven committees.

Council for <220th broadcast >

◇Holding date and time Thursday, July 30, 2017 from 11:00 to 12:30

◇Chairperson committee Ryoji Nakahachi present, Vice Chairperson Hiroyoshi Sunakawa, Sumiko Imai committee, Jiro Sato committee, Keiko Murakami committee, Keiichi Yamada committee, Ian de stain committee

◇The agenda as much as "want to ask of Atsushi Tamura! About "

Proceedings summary

◇Report from the station side

▼About free program delivery service "M Cass"

We report that Gunma TV and two new channels of Nara TV were added.

▼About LINE formula account of "TOKYO MX news"

We report that we started delivery service of news on June 27 at the appointed hour.

◇ Deliberation contents

▼As much as "we want to ask of Atsushi Tamura! We were discussed about "

Committees gave the following opinion and suggestion to about program of title.

  • We discuss imminent theme well and become valuable program.
  • Combination of guests becomes lifeline. We thought that Atsushi Tamura was good host of balance.
  • We thought that theme and the choice of the personnel to take up were points. We want you to take up the issue of garbage.
  • We did not forget eyes of socially vulnerable and thought that it was program doing properly.
  • Opinion of two guests was confident and was interesting. It was program which might let the whole go through.
  • Contents do not match program title. We think that it is necessary that more Tamura comes out to the front and understand, and to finish program.
  • There is impression to sell heavy themes in uproar. You should make role of three regulars clear.

In TOKYO MX, we want to make use of such an opinion and suggestion in the making of better program.

(measures that we took for opinion)

  • We will consider whether we take up garbage problem that there was you pointed out by program from Imai committee by program production in future.
  • We will consider by program production about role of three regulars including Atsushi Tamura whom there was you pointed out from Vice Chairperson Chairperson Nakahachi and Sunakawa in future.

Council for <conventional program summary >