Council for TOKYO MX broadcast report

Council for broadcast is installed for the purpose of organizing from the viewpoint of publicity appropriately, and broadcast being produced in deliberation organization determined in Broadcast Act. Council for broadcast of TOKYO MX starts in 1994 before opening of an office, and earnest opinion is exchanged now by seven committees.

Council for <223rd broadcast >

◇Holding date and time Thursday, November 2, 2017 from 11:00 to the midday

◇Chairperson committee Ryoji Nakahachi present, Vice Chairperson Hiroyoshi Sunakawa, Sumiko Imai committee, Jiro Sato committee, Keiko Murakami committee, Keiichi Yamada committee

◇About agenda "53 DyDo DRINCO special Japanese miniature shrine - Yahata, Fukagawa festival ~ which worship, and make 2017 towns"

Proceedings summary

◇Report from the station side

▼About company mail order site "TOKYO MX mall"

We report that we began the handling of food from Tokyo and traditional industrial art object.

▼About classification of broadcast

We report classification of broadcast from April to September in 2017.

◇ Deliberation contents

▼We were discussed about "53 miniature shrine - Yahata, Fukagawa festival ... which made DyDo DRINCO special festival 2017 street of Japan"

Committees gave the following opinion and suggestion to about program of title.

  • Power entered and made program carefully, but I wanted viewpoint that was different as it was famous festival.
  • We described role to take of festival well, but there should have been explanation a little more to small place including reason.
  • There were a lot of things that we did not know including the history of festival. We thought that it was interesting even if we took away happi coat.
  • It was program worth seeing, but I wanted viewpoint from economic aspect including expense to maintain festival.
  • We report well for one year and want you still to continue while adding objective data as it is superior as program.
  • Both the narration and music were good, and picture was outstandingly clean. But I was sorry that there was not introduction of feast after festival was over.

In TOKYO MX, we want to make use of such an opinion and suggestion in the making of better program.

(measures that we took for opinion)

  • We will examine new viewpoint of festival that there was you pointed out in future program production from each committee.
  • We will examine introduction of feast that there was you pointed out in future program production from Chairperson Nakahachi.

Council for <conventional program summary >